WerkQuik.com is the brainchild of Ron Johns Jr. after a few talks with some friends in mid-2018. The friends wanted to make a jump into the gig economy but weren’t exactly sure of the first step. Ron thought for a while and decided WerkQuik.com could be the first step.

 “Our mission is to find you good work quick and for you to have a detailed understanding about the gig you are going to do” – Ron Johns

Before you buy a bed, buy a car or even a video game you look at reviews. Why not do the same due diligence to find your next job or side hustle? This was the question when WerkQuik.com. Before our amazing site, there was no place that had the pay rate, hours, expenses and more for gig economy jobs all in one place. Now with WerkQuik.com it is easy to find information on a gig and make a decision to if it is a good idea.

Be Informed

WerkQuik.com has all the information gig economy companies don’t want you to know but you should know. Don’t go into a business decision blind, that is what you have us here for.

Make The Most You Can

Don’t miss out on important sign up bonuses you can get before signing up with a gig economy company. At WerkQuik.com we want you to make the most you can which is why we have a list of sign up bonuses for you check before you sign on to a gig economy job.

Once you are signed up for a job we also have multiple additional income opportunities and additional savings opportunities. This way you can make sure you are making and at the same time saving the most possible. Remember; what you make is all about what you can keep, if you spend all your profits then you’re still broke.

With our sign up bonuses and additional opportunities, we also post about the nitty-gritty aspects of the gig economy. There are some things you must learn and you can learn that by following our the WerkQuik Blog or our social media.

What Will I Need To Start?

No worries here because we’ve gotten this taken care of as well. If you check our reviews and our recommended items section we will have breakdowns of what you need for each job and some extras to make sure the jobs are as easy as possible. One extra item could help make you hundreds or thousands of more dollars per year. The extra item might make your life easier or it just might be cool.

Will WerkQuik Be Here A While?

That question’s answer is a resounding yes. At WerkQuik.com we have a pretty slim team and a firm path to revenue. We are not a snappy start-up reliant strictly on loans. At WerkQuik.com we make money by referring you to some jobs, income opportunities or additional savings opportunities. In addition, we make money selling our recommended items. So with this said as long as we are helping you we’ll be here. Thanks to the market and thanks to you we are able to help you “Find Work Quick”. For more boring details on this please check our disclosures.