Bellhops is an on-demand moving company for long distances and short distance moves. Bellhops was started in 2011 with the plan to help move 90-120 Auburn University students into their living quarters. They ended up moving in 325 students and with that they probably saw they could make a lot of money. Since then Bellhops has expanded their customer base outside students and allowed non-students to work for them. Bellhops makes their money by charging for moving services and giving movers a certain percentage for doing the moves.

Working for Bellhops can be in two different ways.
1.  Driver
A “Driver” is someone with a truck, trailer or another type of vehicle able to move large furniture. Your job will be to move the furniture into your vehicle and drive it to the desired location.

2. Bellhop
A “Bellhop” is more or less just hired muscle. Your job will be to help a helper move especially heavy objects or possibly jobs clients just want done faster.

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