About The WerkQuik.com Career Database

How Gen Z & Millennials are discovering their next career

Gigs and jobs are nice but long term all of us should be looking for an actual career.

WerkQuik.com’s purpose is to help you make more money with Gigs and then transition into a great paying career. Gen Z and Millennials are often pigeon holed into specific jobs, many don’t even know all the work and careers that are out there. With TikTok, Instagram and other social media we are helping change that.

Below is our searchable Career Database.

Our job entries include information about pay, education needed, pros and cons and more. Each job will also include a quick video about that job (60 seconds or less) just incase like me you don’t like reading…

Here’s a quick description of the chart headings….
Career Name – obviously the name of the job
Average Yearly Wage – The average yearly wage taken by Glassdoor.com
Education Needed – This is what you’ll need to do the job. This is divided into a few categories…
None – No education
On-The-Job – Training done on the job
Certification – Some training by a certified organization like a CDL
College – College degree required in some sort Bachelors, Postgrad or Masters
Industry – Kind of sector of the economy the job is in.

WerkQuik.com Career Database

Career NameAverage Yearly WageEducation NeededIndustry
Truck Driver$67,000CertificationTransportation
Substitute Teacher$45,827CollegeEducation