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Often times the time you need rideshare the most is when you can least afford it. Lyft is helping solve that problem by giving free rides to those interviewing for new jobs and new hires the first 3 weeks of work (or until new hires get their first paycheck).

Lyft’s New Job Access Program

This new incitive is a Job Access program partnering with Goodwill®, United Way, The USO and more.

The Job Access program is meant to be a short term transportation solution for job seekers, job hunters, those in job training programs and new hires. It is meant to be a bridge gap for those in poverty to get a hand up and out.

The job access program is part of Lyft’s commitment in May of this year (2019) to give $50,000,000 annually to in their words ” improve our cities through transportation infrastructure, donated transportation, and sustainability initiatives”. This program will be available in 35+ cities, a list is available online here.

How To Sign Up For Lyft’s Job Access Program

To sign up for Lyft’s Job Access Program you will have to reach out to one of their local area partners. From there your area partner will rake the necessary steps to sign you up for the program. Currently, that is all we know. When there is more info on signing up for the Lyft Job Access Program for free rides to interviews, work and job training we will announce it here.

The current partners to reach out to are the following…

Why Lyft’s Job Access Program Is Good

Many companies will give a handout but this is a really hand up for many in the worst places in their life. There is an old saying that if you give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day, if you teach a man to fish he’ll eat for life.

Former President Ronald Reagan said “the best social program is a job”, I 100% agree with that. Jobs give not only income but self-respect. Being able to wake up knowing you have something to do and make something for yourself is a good feeling. All work is good work.

Lyft’s Job Access program is helping people re-enter the workplace, helping them make money and a major change in their life.

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