The mission of WerkQuik is simple: to help people find work quick.

At we want to arm you with the knowledge to make a wise decision in your next step in your career or side gig adventure. We are constantly making and updating reviews, videos and keeping you up to date on the gig economy.

We take your work seriously by taking our work seriously. Every review, video, and post takes time because at WerkQuik if we do something we do our best to do it right. If there is ever anything lacking please let us know and we will help fix that thing to the best of our ability. is a private business and with such, we can only provide you with valuable information if we make money. To make money we have relationships with a number of gig economy companies. How we make the majority of our money here at is by referring you to the right company to work for. If you and that company find the relationship to work we make a referral fee. It’s just as simple as that.

You using our referral code won’t cost you anything, in fact, it will actually make you more money.

With this said if you have an IQ over 50 you’ll probably see we have an incentive for you to sign up to a company review. That is true, however, we also have a reputation to maintain. If we are seen as untrusted soon no-one will use our reviews, because of this, you can trust us at to do our job. Each review is done with due diligence to give you pros and cons. This way you can make an informed decision about if signing up for a job is really a good idea for you.

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