DoorDash Delivery Driver- Gig Review & Referral Code

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DoorDash is an on-demand delivery service founded in 2012. DoorDash considers themselves a logistics company getting food from point A to B. The way DoorDash makes their money is by charging a delivery fee for food which can be paid by the consumer/customer or the restaurant (most likely to get more orders).

As a DoorDash Driver , your main job is to pick up food from a specific location and deliver it to a specific customer. The majority of these locations are restaurants, bars or coffee shops but are growing to include retail stores as well. You are getting paid essentially to be a delivery person that deliveries food in great shape. The better at delivering a product in great shape, the more tips you make and the more money that is in your pocket.

Continue reading below for my full DoorDash review including detailed information on pay, hours and pros & cons. If you are in a rush Click here to skip to the bottom and check out my review summary.

Review Index

  1. DoorDash Sign-Up Bonus
  2. Requirements for DoorDash
  3. Earnings/Income Breakdown
    -Company Claims
    -Glassdoor Claims
    -WerkQuik Review Pay
  4. Detailed Pay Information
  5. Getting Paid With DoorDash (The Process)
  6. Additional Opportunities With DoorDash
    – Income Opportunities With DoorDash
    – Savings Opportunities With DoorDash
  7. Expenses
    -Recommended Items
    -On The Job Expenses
  8. Hours
  9. Pros & Cons
  10. On The Job Experience
  11. Review Summary
  12. Rating
  13. Related WerkQuik Gigs

1. DoorDash Sign Up Bonus

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2. Listed Requirements

  1. Be 18 or over
  2. Have No Major Driving Violations Within The Past 7 Years
    – AKA: You can’t do DoorDash if you tried to kill someone with your car or you were caught drunk while driving… unless it was 8 years ago lol.
    – The official text from DoorDash “Drivers cannot have any major violations in the last 7 years, including: DUI, Reckless Driving, Homicide or Assault, Driving with a suspended license, failure to stop or report and driving with a license that is suspended or expired”
    Bummer Summer if this disqualifies you but cheer up because here is a list of gig economy jobs you will be able to do (INPUT LIST)
  3. Have No More Than 3 Incidents In The Past 3 Years
    – I am unsure if this means speeding. If so I may need some help with this review lol.
    – The official text from DoorDash: “An incident is an accident or a moving violation other than a major violation. An accident and violation occurring at the same time will be considered one incident.
  4. A Social Security Number
  5. Have No Arrests Or Criminal Accusations Within 7 Years
    -Something very cool DoorDash stresses is they do make exceptions depending on the person.
    -The Official text regarding above: “DoorDash will always conduct an individualized assessment.”

Unlisted Requirements

Not listed but these are common sense things you would need.

  1. Be eligible to work in the United States
  2. Pass an orientation interview online or in person
    -I’ve been seeing in online forums there is an orientation interview. Most likely just don’t be stage 9 crazy and you’ll be good.
  3. Have consistent access to a vehicle
    – This could be a bike, vehicle or scooter/motorcycle.
  4. US Drivers License
    – If you are driving for DoorDash you should probably be able to do it legally. 
  5. Valid Driver’s Insurance
    – Make sure you are insured on this vehicle you have consistent access to. With DoorBash you will be doing quite a bit of driving which increases your chance of getting in an accident quite a bit.
  6. Have consistent access to and be able to effectively use a recent smartphone (iPhone 5 / Android 4.4 or newer)
  7. Be able to lift between 30-40 lbs with or without an accommodation Selection.
  8. Insulated Cooler Bags.
    -You are going to want these to keep cold/frozen items cold/frozen. In addition, customers will most likely tip more seeing you attempt to take care of their delivery food or groceries with these bags.

3. Earnings/Income Breakdown

Earnings Potential (Hourly)

What company claims:  N/A
Glassdoor Average: $11/hr (source)
WerkQuik Review Earnings: 10 hour average

WerkQuik Earnings Chart. Display Earnings form 10 hours of work.

Company Claims

DoorDash makes no claim about what you will make as wages vary widely based on time, location and such.

A large amount of gig economy positions have stopped claiming hourly wages because it can come back and bite them in the butt.

Glassdoor Average (source)

DoorDash has a solid amount of reviews on Glassdoor at the time of this review (October 17th, 2018), about 80. The average pay was noted at $11/hr which could be pretty decent seeing as this pay most likely has wide variations. On the site, it had the max someone said they were getting an hour was $25/hr and the lowest $5/hr.

WerkQuik Average

This portion of the review still in progress

4. Detailed Pay Information

As a DoorDash Delivery Driver (also known as a Dasher), you are a third party contractor. With this said pay can vary greatly between customer to customer sometimes based on skill and knowledge and sometimes based on luck and just being in the right place at the right time.

With DoorDash you are going to get your pay in pretty much only one way

Deliveries(Guaranteed Amount)

Deliveries are your only way to get paid with DoorDash. For each delivery, you will be shown a “guaranteed amount”. This is an amount is on the following criteria according to DoorDash.
-Size of the order
-Whether you have to place the order in person
-Projected driving distance
-Wait time at the store

What About Tips

Short answer: Tips are included in your “Guaranteed Amount”.

DoorDash makes one promise about pay and it is”For each delivery, you will always receive at least $1 from DoorDash plus 100% of the customer tip.” If you find this confusing it’s okay because I am sure you are not alone. I actually had to head to Reddit to figure this one out.

Guaranteed Amount DoorDash

Above is an example of a DoorDash delivery and it’s “Guaranteed Amount” for your delivery. In the example above no matter what you will make $14.21, no matter how you are tipped unless it is over $13.21. The only difference for DoorDash is who pays this $14.21. Below is a chart to explain this.

The Guaranteed Pay Chart Door DashI am not sure how I feel about this system as you do keep 100% of your tip but now your tip is being factored into how much you get paid by DoorDash even though they will be making the same amount off the delivery charge.This system almost makes not tipping seem alright in the eyes of the driver and perverts the real reason we in the American culture tip. A tip is a form of commission based on the quality of service. In my opinion, tips should always be given for certain jobs (server, delivery)and pay should be based off that. However, the idea of your base pay (the amount DoorDash pays) is really ridiculous. It’s almost like like DoorDash is turning your Tips into a “Draw Commission” system. The idea is very shaddy to me at first glance.However, I also do not know the tipping behavior of DoorDash customers. If customers aren’t good tippers this could be a good system. In my trial of DoorDash I will make sure to pay close attention to this.

DoorDash Drive

Catering With DoorDashDoorDash Drive is more or less catering with DoorDash. The reason you would do DoorDash Drive is pay is typically larger for catering orders. However, they do require more time and energy. In addition, you must also have two large insulated delivery bags. Where you get the bags I am unsure, I am guessing this is an expense DoorDash is wanting to you to take on.  For DoorDash Drives you must log on 15 minutes early.  For more information on completing a DoorDash Drive click here.UPDATE: Yup kinda what I thought here is a link if you’d like to buy some catering bags. They are $37 per bag. So you will likely be paying $90 for both bags with shipping & taxes.

Pay Boost & Guaranteed Minimums

Surge For DoorDash

With “Pay Boost” DoorDash will give you extra money for doing deliveries within certain times they expect to be particularly busy if you have a high enough acceptance rate.

Guaranteed Minimums are promotions DoorDash does as well for times they expect to be especially high demand. With Guaranteed Minimums they are pretty much saying you will at least make a certain amount per hour like at least $18/hr, you will only be eligible for this with “qualifying texts, emails, or in-app notifications”.  Guaranteed Minimums also have more requirements. According to DoorDash those are…

  • “Accept at least 90% of orders.”
  • Average at least 1.3 deliveries per hour while minimums are in effect.”
  • Drop off the specified minimum # of deliveries while minimums are in effect.”
  • “Sign up to Dash during the dates, times, and areas offered in your text message.”

5. Getting Paid With DoorDash (The Process)

DoorDash pays via direct deposit weekly for activity done Monday through Sunday of the previous week. Your pay should be in your bank account by Wednesday.

(Source: DoorDash Payment Process)

6. Additional Opportunities With DoorDash

With DoorDash there are a few opportunities to make a few extra bucks and save a few extra bucks and they are below.

Income Opportunities With DoorDash

Opportunities to earn extra passive income with food delivery are rather limited however below are a few we have found.

Wrapify –
Car Wrap Advertising

Wrapify is a company that will pay you for a partial or full car wrap. Pay is $84 – $452 per month depending on the amount of your car you would like to wrap, your location and the demand for car wrap advertising.

Carvertise –
Car Wrap Advertising

Carvertise is a company that will pay you for a partial or full car wrap.  Carvertise described their payment model as the following “Our standard payment rate is $100/month. Sometimes there are more specialized campaigns that can pay up to $200 / month but this is not common. We also offer drivers the ability to make additional passive income through parking their cars in certain places at certain times. Our going pay rate for this is typically $30/hour.”

Saving Opportunities With DoorDash

Opportunities to earn extra passive income with food delivery are rather limited however below are a few we have found.

MileIQ – Save On Taxes

When driving for a business purpose you can deduct your mileage for a pretty good amount, a little over $0.50 per mile. But keeping track of that mileage can be very hard. But there is a solution.

Get MileIQ so you can track exactly how much you could be missing on Mileage and I am absolutely certain you will get at least triple your investment in tax savings. Best of all you won’t be funding the government to waste your money.

Get $10 off & Unlimted Miles With MilesIQ Now!

7. Expenses

One of the biggest disadvantages of DoorDash is the personal expense. However, you gotta spend money to make money. Like a lot of portions of our delivery reviews, this is very similar to some sections of our other reviews.

Vehicle Wear & Tear

Vehicle Wear & Tear is the cost of using your car. That includes maintenance, tire replacements and such. This number includes fuel. AAA puts this number at 60.8 cents for an average size sedan and 46.4 cents for a small sedan (like my Mazda 3). This obviously means the more mileage you put on your car the more it will cost you. The nice this about mileage is you can write it off! In 2018 according to MileIQ, you can write off 54.5 cents per mile. This can be big tax savings.

It is all really based on the value of your car, make, model and a variety of factors. Even where you live can play a part in it. For example, if you live in Toledo, Ohio (The pothole capital of Ohio) like myself then your wear & tear will likely be higher then that of a city that elects semi-competent leaders that can fill holes in the road.


Gas is one of the biggest out front expenses with most any job in the gig economy. Repair & Maintenance is bad but at the same time the cost can be reduced by taking better care of your care or it can be put off. Gas is a cost you cannot get around. According to the same AAA article above gas can cost 3.68 cents per mile (electric cars) to 13.8 cents per mile (Pick-up trucks) depending on your vehicle.

NOTE: Tracking Mileage

Tracking mileage can be very difficult. Your job as a DoorDash Dasher is to deliver food. Not to track where you’ve been. I highly suggest using MileIQ, if you use my affiliate link below you get 20% off an annual membership and help fund This is a savings of $10.00 and this program will help you save even more than that in the long run!

Get 20% off >>> Unlimted Miles With MilesIQ Now!


This is additional expenses you may spend like on snacks, coffee or such.

7-1. Recommended Items (Top 5)

These items are not necessary for you to get but ones I highly recommend. These should be useful for you to do your job and to make more money while working for DoorDash. Below is a quick list (only my top 5(ish) recommendations), I highly recommend looking over our complete DoorDash Recommended Item List for the complete list.

Easy Communication With A Great Bluetooth Headset

I personally think these headsets are great and the ease of communication is super easy. It makes calling people on the road and super legal as well in authoritarian states that outlaw talking the phone while driving.

Thermal Bags For Keeping Food Cold

This bag is non-branded and can be used not only for DoorDash but other gig economy delivery jobs like Postmates, Instacart or Shipt.

Car Charger & Charger Cables

One thing you want to make sure about is your phone doesn’t die while doing DoorDash so you can call the customer if need be. Having a car charger and cords will help you make sure your phone doesn’t die.

In addition, car chargers are super important for other gig economy jobs as well so it’s a good investment. Below are the charger and three types of cords, USB, USB type C & iPhone cords. Plus a super-cord with all the outlets in one!

USB C cable

This is for newer android phone and ironically newer Apple laptops too.

iPhone cable

This is for newer Apple iPhones

USB cable

This for older android phones and many common older Bluetooth headphones.

Supercord – All Outlets

This can be very helpful for having all outlets however your Cargo vending machine does have other charging cords in it so it could cut into sales.

Aux Cord

Many new phones do not have aux ports (looking at you iPhones) but many do and if I had to rely strictly on the radio for entertainment I’d go mad. Below are some items for entertainment you should consider when doing Lyft.

Aux Cord For iPhone

Obviously this is not a cord, however, this will act like an aux cord so people with iPhones can listen to music in older cars without Bluetooth integration.

Keep Track Of What Happens On The Road

In sales, we call it CYOA (Cover Your Own Ass), make sure you are not at fault and that’s what a dash cam is good for. With a Dashcam, you will have video evidence of a crash to prove your innocence. The model below is an entry level Dashcam. The ones in our list can be a little more expensive but come with more features.

Easy To Use Magnetic Phone Mount

I’m not a big phone mount fan but I know a lot of people are. I think this looks like a great phone mount and the reviews are very good (4.5/5).

One customer went as far to say “This is the best idea for cell phones since sliced bread.”

8. Hours

DoorDash is nice because it is flexible most the time with strict times you must work only if you opt into it.  The only time you will be required to log on is if you promise/opt in to do a catering order.

Hours for DoorDash differ from market to market and even from neighboorhood to neighboorhood in certain markets. Typically DoorDash is 7am- 11:30pm but certain restaurants may wish to stay open later and as a Dasher, you may be out later.

Check your local market for specific times.

9. Pros & Cons

Here is a quick list of what we liked about Instacart and didn’t so much or about what we read online. As for all gig economy jobs wages can be below minimum wage given the worst circumstances because this being a universal “con” we do not list it on any reviews.


Great Mixture Of Driving & Walking
Payment Is Pretty Consistent
-Regardless of how tipping is you will always make the “Guaranteed Amount”
Flexible Hours
The Distance Of A Delivery Is Shown Before You Accept It
You Get A Free DoorDash Bag (Not Catering Size Tho)


Wear & Tear On Your Car
Gas Expense Is Not Reimbursable 
Hours Sometimes Being Limited
Tips Are Factored Into The “Guaranteed Amount”
-Personally, I don’t like this but I put it as a pro as well because it is nice if you’re not a person who enjoys the risk of having an income based on tips.

10. On The Job Experience

Getting Started

Signing up with DoorDash was surprisingly easy. I just put in my information and my promo code (if I had one!)(Thankfully you can use mine).

After that, I was e-mailed to give some information regarding my background check. I finished that and then a few days later I was mailed a DoorDash bag and the card used to do the food buying. I was ready to go.


A picture of what I was sent by DoorDash. My address and the credit info is obviously hidden trollz!

11. Review Summary

12. Rating

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