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Uber is one of the world’s largest ride-sharing companies in the world and a major player in the transportation industry providing strong competition to established taxi companies. Uber has recently expanded its rideshare operations into delivery which is beginning to become a major revenue generator. If you would like to see our review for being an Uber Driver [click here].

As an UberEats Driver / Delivery Driver your main job will be to deliver food to customers using your own personal vehicle from point A to point B.

Continue reading below for my full Uber review including detailed information on pay, hours and pros & cons. If you are in a rush Click here to skip to the bottom and check out my review summary.

UberEats Review Index

  1. UberEats Sign-Up Bonus
    – Customer Promo Code
  2. Requirements
    -Car Delivery
    -Scooter Delivery
    -Bike Delivery
  3. Earnings/Income Breakdown
    -Company Claims
    -Glassdoor Claims
    -WerkQuik Review Pay
  4. Detailed Pay Information
  5. Getting Paid With Uber (The Process)
  6. Additional Opportunities With UberEats
    -Income Opportunites With UberEats
    -Savings Opportunites With UberEats
  7. Expenses
    -Recommended Items With UberEats
    -On The Job Expenses
  8. Hours
  9. Pros & Cons
  10. On The Job Experience
  11. Review Summary
  12. Rating
  13. Related WerkQuik Gigs

1. UberEats Sign Up Bonus

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2. Requirements

Requirements for UberEats are a bit different than most. Since you can deliver in multiple different ways there are a different requirement for each. Here they are listed below.

Car Delivery

  1. have a 2 or 4 door Sudan made after 1998
  2. must have a valid drivers license and vehicle insurance
  3. Be at least 19 years old
  4. have at least 1 year of driving experience in the United States

Scooter Delivery

  1. Any make or model 2-wheel scooter
  2. Must have a motor of 50cc or less that travels no faster than 30 mph
  3. Be at least 19 years old

Bike Delivery

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Have a government-issued ID
  3. When signing up be sure to choose ‘Biking’ under transportation method.
  4. *Delivery varies by city.

Many UberEats drivers also do rideshare.

3. Earnings/Income Breakdown

Earnings Potential (Hourly)

What company claims: $10 – $35
Glassdoor Average: $15 (source)
WerkQuik Review Earnings: 10-hour average

WerkQuik Earnings Chart. Display Earnings form 10 hours of work.

Company Claims

Uber as a company used to claim their drivers would make up to $35 per hour and sometimes that is correct. Sometimes you can make even more than but those hours of pay are just outliers just like the hours where you make $0 per hour or $5 per hour since pay is all dependent on multiple factors. Demand for rides, the number of rides available, which rides you pick and etc.

Glassdoor Average

This Glassdoor average is most likely skewed as pay changes based on regional differences, whether drivers factored expenses into pay, the frequency of driving and other possible factors. However, for the most part, this is a great crowdsourced resource to determine possible average pay in your area.

WerkQuik Average

This part of the review in progress.

4. Detailed Pay Information

As an UberEats Driver, you are a third party contractor. With this said pay can vary greatly between UberEats driver to UberEats driver sometimes based on skill and knowledge and sometimes based on luck and just being in the right place at the right time.

With UberEats, you are going to get your pay in three different ways.

1.Delivery Fees (Base rate)

Delivery Fees are the core payment method you will get from Uber. This is the money you get for picking up someone’s food and dropping it off. From this total Uber takes 25% and you keep 75%. What Uber takes is counted as an expense and can be written off your taxes.

The Delivery Fee is based on a few things listed below…
All of these rates are depending on your specific market (the city you drive in). Rates increase and decrease based on market demands so a smaller market like Toledo, Ohio will have lower rates than a bigger market like New York, NY.

A. Pick-up Fee

This is the flat rate all deliveries are charged when they begin.

B. Mileage Fee

This portion of the delivery fee is based off how far you drive for a delivery,

C. Drop Off Fee

This portion of the fare is for the delivery.

For example, a typical delivery pay may look like the following…
Pick-up Fee: $3.00
Mileage Fee: $4.00
(assuming $1/mile)
Drop Off Fee:$1.00

$8.00 * 0.25 (25%) = $2.00 (What Uber makes)
$8.00 * 0.25 (75%) = $6.00 (What you make)

If an order is canceled you get no cancelation fee, instead, you just keep the whole amount and the food. Pretty good deal, amiright?

2.Bonuses (Surge & Boost)

One of my absolute favorite parts of Uber are the bonuses and with UberEats, there are still bonuses. You receive bonuses in two different ways surges and boosts. Both bonuses are used to adjust prices according to demand so the person that wants your service the most gets it at a premium cost.

A. Busy Fee/Surge

In late 2016 Uber announced they would add a surge like a busy fee to UberEats much to the disappointment of media outlets and cheap-asses everywhere. They claim this is a horrible wronging of them and “blah-blah-blah”. But to put this in perspective a busy fee for UberEats is very similar to a surge to where it distributes supply to where demand is most. If you can wait longer for your avocado toast then maybe don’t order it when there is a higher busy fee.

This busy fee is great for you the driver as it will help you make more money in less time just like a typical surge on Uber.

Uber Surge Example - WerkQuik.com

A surge example from Uber. (source)

B. Boost

Boost is very similar to the Busy Fee/Surge the difference is how each is activated. This is the exact same to how Uber’s traditional Boost works.

Boost is activated by promotions put on by Uber to attract delivery drivers to certain areas in which they expect demand to be especially high. Boost promotions are used to prevent Busy Fees/Surge pricing because contrary to popular thought Uber as a company is not particularly fond of when prices surge. Generally, this pushes customers to other delivery apps and that could be permanent.  To prevent surging Uber uses “Boost” promotions.

“Boost” is a promotion that guarantees UberEats Drivers a certain surge no matter the demand. For example, a “boost” of 1.4 guarantees you will make at least 1.4 times the normal rate as long as you pick up someone within the boost area and during the designated times (below the time is 12-3am). If the “boost” area is surging above 1.4 you will get the higher surge pricing. You will not get the surge and boost pricing.

As you can see below what boost does is produces an artificial surge in a certain area for a certain time. This draws UberEats drivers to a certain spot for higher guaranteed income. However, since more drivers are drawn to this area for higher pay without the boost in demand it can be higher to get deliveries in these boost areas.

Typically you can expect Boost promotions during busy times like lunch and dinner. These boost promotions should be listed in advance in the Uber Driver app news section.

Uber Boost - WerkQuik.com

An Uber Boost at 1.4 from 12-3am.


Tips for many delivery drivers is a big portion of their income. Like with servers, it is customary to tip your delivery driver which should play well to your favor. However to get better tips you can do the following.

-Use Therma bags to keep food hot or cold
-Smile when you greet a customer
-Possibly tell a quick joke when dropping off food
-Maintain good hygiene

5. Getting Paid With Uber (The Process)

Instant Pay

Whenever you want
A nice benefit for many people is Uber lets you cash out any and get your earnings anytime you want as long as the direct deposit payment is over $50. Uber will let you do this “instant pay” up to 5 times per day. To do the instant pay you are only charged $0.50 unless you use their debit card from GoBank. This money will instantly transfer unless there is an issue with your bank.

Uber - Instant Pay

Typical Payment Cycle

Once per week
If you don’t don’t care about when you get paid just that you do get paid Uber will pay you on a weekly basis. You don’t need to do anything out of the ordinary for this to happen just make sure your bank account is attached to your Uber account.

6. Additional Opportunities With UberEats

Income Opportunites With UberEats

Additional income opportunities with UberEats are not as easy as they are with Uber but there are still a few. The purpose of these income opportunities is that you make the max amount you can while working UberEats. By providing extra value to somebody even just a little can add up over a long time to a lot of money.

Wrapify – www.Wrapify.com

Wrap Advertising

Wrapify is a company that will pay you for a partial or full car wrap. Pay is $84 – $452 per month depending on the amount of your car you would like to wrap, your location and the demand for car wrap advertising.

Carvertise – www.Carvertise.com

Car Wrap Advertising

Carvertise is a company that will pay you for a partial or full car wrap.  Carvertise described their payment model as the following “Our standard payment rate is $100/month. Sometimes there are more specialized campaigns that can pay up to $200 / month but this is not common. We also offer drivers the ability to make additional passive income through parking their cars in certain places at certain times. Our going pay rate for this is typically $30/hour.”

Vugo – www.govugo.com

In Car Advertising For Rideshare
Sign up here.

Vugo is in-car advertising for your rideshare. Their end goal is to make rideshare completely free and paid for by specialized advertisements by brands from in-car media.  Extra pay for drivers is estimated to be $100 – $200 per month. As a side benefit if you don’t like talking to people there is nothing like sticking a TV in their face to shut them up lol.

Uber  – Uber.com

Sign up here.

Uber is the company that owns UberEats [obviously] and is kinda similar. The only difference is instead of transporting food from point A to B you will be transporting people. In addition, it is encouraged to talk with your passengers as opposed to talking to your deliveries.

Saving Opportunities With UberEats

Opportunities to earn extra passive income with grocery delivery are rather limited however below are a few we have found.

MileIQ – Save On Taxes

When driving for a business purpose you can deduct your mileage for a pretty good amount, a little over $0.50 per mile. But keeping track of that mileage can be very hard. But there is a solution.

Get MileIQ so you can track exactly how much you could be missing on Mileage and I am absolutely certain you will get at least triple your investment in tax savings. Best of all you won’t be funding the government to waste your money.

Get $10 off & Unlimted Miles With MilesIQ Now!

7. Expenses

One of the biggest disadvantages of DoorDash is the personal expense. However, you gotta spend money to make money. Like a lot of portions of our delivery reviews, this is very similar to some sections of our other reviews.

Vehicle Wear & Tear

Vehicle Wear & Tear is the cost of using your car. That includes maintenance, tire replacements and such. This number includes fuel. AAA puts this number at 60.8 cents for an average size sedan and 46.4 cents for a small sedan (like my Mazda 3). This obviously means the more mileage you put on your car the more it will cost you. The nice this about mileage is you can write it off! In 2018 according to MileIQ, you can write off 54.5 cents per mile. This can be big tax savings.

It is all really based on the value of your car, make, model and a variety of factors. Even where you live can play a part in it. For example, if you live in Toledo, Ohio (The pothole capital of Ohio) like myself then your wear & tear will likely be higher then that of a city that elects semi-competent leaders that can fill holes in the road.


Gas is one of the biggest out front expenses with most any job in the gig economy. Repair & Maintenance is bad but at the same time the cost can be reduced by taking better care of your care or it can be put off. Gas is a cost you cannot get around. According to the same AAA article above gas can cost 3.68 cents per mile (electric cars) to 13.8 cents per mile (Pick-up trucks) depending on your vehicle.

NOTE: Tracking Mileage

Tracking mileage can be very difficult. Your job as a UberEats Driver is to deliver food. Not to track where you’ve been. I highly suggest using MileIQ, if you use my affiliate link below you get 20% off an annual membership and help fund WerkQuik.com. This is a savings of $10.00 and this program will help you save even more than that in the long run!

Get 20% off >>> Unlimted Miles With MilesIQ Now!


This is additional expenses you may spend like on snacks, coffee or such.

7-1. Recommended Items (Top 5)

These items are not necessary for you to get but ones I highly recommend. These should be useful for you to do your job and to make more money while working for UberEats. Below is a quick list (only my top 5(ish) recommendations), I highly recommend looking over our complete UberEats Recommended Item List for the complete list.

Easy Communication With A Great Bluetooth Headset

I personally think these headsets are great and the ease of communication is super easy. It makes calling people on the road and super legal as well in authoritarian states that outlaw talking the phone while driving.

Thermal Bags For Keeping Food Cold

This bag is non-branded and can be used not only for UberEats but other gig economy delivery jobs like Postmates, Instacart or Shipt.

Car Charger & Charger Cables

One thing you want to make sure about is your phone doesn’t die while doing DoorDash so you can call the customer if need be. Having a car charger and cords will help you make sure your phone doesn’t die.

In addition, car chargers are super important for other gig economy jobs as well so it’s a good investment. Below are the charger and three types of cords, USB, USB type C & iPhone cords. Plus a super-cord with all the outlets in one!

USB C cable

This is for newer android phone and ironically newer Apple laptops too.

iPhone cable

This is for newer Apple iPhones

USB cable

This for older android phones and many common older Bluetooth headphones.

Supercord – All Outlets

This can be very helpful for having all outlets however your Cargo vending machine does have other charging cords in it so it could cut into sales.

Aux Cord

Many new phones do not have aux ports (looking at you iPhones) but many do and if I had to rely strictly on the radio for entertainment I’d go mad. Below are some items for entertainment you should consider when doing Lyft.

Aux Cord For iPhone

Obviously this is not a cord, however, this will act like an aux cord so people with iPhones can listen to music in older cars without Bluetooth integration.

Keep Track Of What Happens On The Road

In sales, we call it CYOA (Cover Your Own Ass), make sure you are not at fault and that’s what a dash cam is good for. With a Dashcam, you will have video evidence of a crash to prove your innocence. The model below is an entry level Dashcam. The ones in our list can be a little more expensive but come with more features.

Easy To Use Magnetic Phone Mount

I’m not a big phone mount fan but I know a lot of people are. I think this looks like a great phone mount and the reviews are very good (4.5/5).

One customer went as far to say “This is the best idea for cell phones since sliced bread.”

8. Hours

UberEats is nice because it is flexible but there are definitely peak times to work those are all typically during meal times and late at night when people want food but are too lazy to go get it. Normally you’ll want to do UberEats delivery around the following times…




Late Night*
This is also a perfect time to do Uber. Read our review for Uber to learn more.

9. Pros & Cons


If An Order Is Canceled You Get To Keep The Food
Work/Life Balance
Expense Can Be Written Off
Great Customers For The Most Part
Not Much Customer Interaction Besides Delivery
“Instant Pay”
Are In Control Of Your Car
– Decide which deliveries you take & don’t take.


Wear & Tear On Car
Unpredictability Of Income
Best Money Is Made During Meal Times
Driving In Intense Traffic
Customers Can Be Difficult
Cost Of Gas

10. On The Job Experience

11. Review Summary

12. Rating

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Postmates – Another competitor of UberEats. Gives bonuses for delivery during most major meal times. [BIG SIGN ON BONUS]

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