Rental gigs are a pretty cool section of the gig economy. Technically with a rental gig you can make money passively by just loaning out your already owned property. This property can be anything like an extra room, extra house (if you just have one laying around), car or really anything.

The real work with Rental Gigs is marketing them on whatever platform you have your property on and maintaining the property. For something like Airbnb or HomeAway this means taking good pictures and making sure you clean up after people. Which that can be a bother but really what kind of work isn’t? Even running can be a pain sometimes. But ya know that’s for another post.

Anywho here is a running list of Rental Gigs on you should check out.

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1. Additional Opportunities

1-1. Income Opportunities

Wrapify –
Car Wrap Advertising

WARNING: You could do this with the car you rent out but chances are a lot fewer people would want to rent out your car.
Wrapify is a company that will pay you for a partial or full car wrap. Pay is $84 – $452 per month depending on the amount of your car you would like to wrap, your location and the demand for car wrap advertising.

Carvertise –
Car Wrap Advertising

WARNING: You could do this with the car you rent out but chances are a lot fewer people would want to rent out your car.
Carvertise is a company that will pay you for a partial or full car wrap.  Carvertise described their payment model as the following “Our standard payment rate is $100/month. Sometimes there are more specialized campaigns that can pay up to $200 / month but this is not common. We also offer drivers the ability to make additional passive income through parking their cars in certain places at certain times. Our going pay rate for this is typically $30/hour.”

1-2. Additional Savings Opportunities

Milage Counting App

One of the biggest drains on all of our pockets is taxes and personally, I try to pay as little taxes as possible. MileIQ helps you do just that by helping you write off as many miles as possible. For each mile, you drive you can write off 54.5 cents. That can add up to a lot of money. In addition, you can save $10 signing up to MileIQ with our affliate link. Just click below to sign up.

Get 20% Unlimted Miles With MilesIQ Now!

2. Expenses

Vehicle Wear & Tear

Vehicle Wear & Tear is the cost of using your car. That includes maintenance, tire replacements and such.

According to Turo, you can write off quite a few things. Below is a list they used in their post regarding expenses you can write off.

  • Scheduled maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations, air filters)
  • Repairs (engine or transmission maintenance, tires, etc.)
  • Auto insurance
  • Parking (as long as it’s 100% related to your Turo rental)
  • Cleaning and car washes (if 100% related to your Turo rental)
  • Registration and fees charged by your state, city, and/or county
  • Depreciation of car value

As long as something is related to Turo (or the car rental gig of your choice) you can more or less write it off.

You can just write off the mileage according to this answer on You could do this with an app like MileIQ or honestly just write down the mileage before and after you rent your car out. If you want to use MileIQ use our affliate link to get $10 off.

Get 20% Unlimted Miles With MilesIQ Now!

House Wear & Tear

This one is not as easy to track and will take longer but I’m sure happens. This may be something like small dents in your floor or door hinges needing repair. Major wear & tear (AKA damage) will be able to passed on to the customer that caused it.

2-1. Recommended Items

3. Rental Gig Sign Up Bonuses

Do you currently do a rental gig or want to try a rental gig? Well before you do use these referral codes for a little extra cash with your hard work. Remember sign up bonuses differ based on the company and location.

Rental Gigs

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4. WerkQuik Rental Gig List

Below are Delivery Gigs that have been reviewed by This is a running list so as gigs are added this list will grow. If you want to be kept up to date then make sure to sign up for our e-mil list.