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Rover is an Internet-based Pet service business started in Seattle,WA in 2011. Rover has over 200,000 sitters in over 10,000 cities and 95% of their services get 5-star reviews. Pretty good ratio.

This review is for Rover’s pet sitting and dog boarding positions. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Rover Dog Walker (click here).

As a Rover Pet Sitter or Dog Boarder, your main job will be watching over other people’s pets like they are your own inside or outside of your own home.

PRO-TIP:If you are applying to this position you should probably like dogs.

Continue reading below for my full Rover review including detailed information on pay, hours and pros & cons. If you are in a rush Click here to skip to the bottom and check out my review summary.

Rover Review Index

  1. Rover Sign-Up Bonus
    -Customer Promo Code
  2. Requirements
  3. Detailed Job Information
  4. Earnings/Income Breakdown
    -Company Claims
    -Glassdoor Claims
    -WerkQuik Review Pay
  5. Detailed Pay Information
    5-1. Bookings (Base Rate)
    5-2. Tips
  6. Getting Paid With Rover(The Process)
  7. Additional Income Opportunities
  8. Expenses
  9. Hours
  10. Pros & Cons
  11. On The Job Experience
  12. Review Summary
  13. Rating
  14. Related WerkQuik Gigs

1. Rover Sign-Up Bonus 

Rover Code: No code, just sign up through the link below to get the bonus!
“Get $20 extra after your first walk with Rover!”

Sign Up For Rover & Get A $20 Bonus With Your 1st Pet Sit

Note: This isn’t a particularly large bonus however it is extremely easy to get. You will get your bonuses after just one pet sit as opposed to some, where they require you to do 100 jobs!

Rover Customer Promo Code

Have you never used Rover for petting sitting and ant to try it out? Well here is $20 to try it out.

Get $20 towards your first Pet Sit or Walk

2. Requirements 

Unlike many gig economy jobs on our website Rover does have an extensive list of specific requirements (they only have one) but instead an actual application. This application is more stringent than most services with only 20% of applicants moving on to sitting or boarding.

  1. Be at least 18 years old (this is actually the only listed requirement)


In addition unlike most gig economy services, providers are selected by the customer. Not by random chance so below is a list of suggested qualifications following these should help you get bookings more.

    1. Like Dogs Alot
      -If you don’t like dogs you probably won’t enjoy this gig much and with such people probably won’t like dropping their dog off to you a lot.
    2. Be Able To Pass A Background Check
      – Background checks through Rover are completely optional however I don’t know who in their right mind would be using a pet/dog sitter who didn’t pass a check.Background checks are done through a third party service by the name of Checkr.
    3. Be Computer Savey
      Unlike most gig economy jobs people pick you. They aren’t just randomly matched up with you. Because of that, you do need to make your profile a good reflection of you.In order to actually make money and to get do sitting gigs, you should have a nice profile so people pick you. To help you with this though Rover has made a blog post about making a better Rover profile.
    4. Be Good With Animals
      If you are watching someone else’s pet make sure you not only like animals but that you are generally good with them. Be able to take dogs outside ontime, feed all types of animals at correct intervels and do not let smaller animals get lost. Most importantly don’t let the pet die or get seriously injured. That is very frowned down upon by Rover and will most likely not help your ratings.
    5. Have A Dog-Friendly Home
      -You are going to need these to keep cold/frozen items cold/frozen. In addition, customers will most likely tip more seeing you attempt to take care of their groceries with these bags.
    6. iPhone (iOS 10 or newer) or Android (5.1 or newer) Smartphone
      – Just make sure your Smartphone is moderately new and up to date and you should be good. iOS 10 does not mean it absolutely needs to be an iphone 10

3. Detailed Job Information

To be a successful Pet Sitter on Rover you will honestly have to understand just a little more than just Dogs. While writing this review I have noticed there are multiple components to being on and making money. Here is a list of what your responsibilities will be.

Taking Care Of Dogs

Obviously taking care of dogs is still part of the job. This is what people are mainly paying you to do. When people leave on for work, vacation or just get tired of their pet you take care of that pet. The value you provide is a stress-free period of time for pet owners. The better you do this the more you can charge and the more you’ll make on tips.

Customer Service

Taking care of dogs is a big part of this job but so is taking care of the people who’s dog you are looking after and that is customer service. Your rating will be determined by the humans that own the dog not the dogs themselves. So customer service is a big part of this job. This means smiling and light banter with customers. If you want some tips on how to engage in light banter then check out this post.

Getting Your Own Jobs

Unlike many gig economy jobs with Rover you decide your own prices but with this you are also responsible for getting your own jobs. This can be done via unique marketing on your profile, with your profile picture and other marketing techniques. With great customer service which leads to good customer reviews and with appropriate pricing which is all determined by your skill level, the location you are working in and your salesmanship/ability to market yourself.

4. Earnings/Income Breakdown

Earnings Potential (Hourly)

What company claims: Earn up to $1,000/month (source)
Glassdoor Average: $484 – $1,000/month (source)
WerkQuik Review Earnings: 10 hour average

WerkQuik Earnings Chart. Display Earnings form 10 hours of work.

Company Claims

“Earn up to $1000/month!” that’s what Rover claims. Not sure how they get to the stat but Abe Lincoln once wisely said: “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.”.

Personally, I am often skeptical of very vague numbers like this one given by Rover. However, in defense of Rover it would be hard to have a down pat number of real earning. The main reason being Rover doesn’t set rates, you do. Rover only (“only” lol) takes a percentage of your earnings. So to set an hourly rate would be difficult. Prices vary greatly from location, time of day, time of year to possibly even quality of care. If you are a part time dog groomer and are very good with pets you can probably charge a little more then a (possibly literally) half-baked college kid.

Glassdoor Average (source)

CAUTION: This Glassdoor review only had two (2) reviews.

The range from Glassdoor is pretty wide from $484 to $1,000 per month. So with that range being given you can pretty much guess what the two pay amounts factored in were.

The comments on the Glassdoor post were actually very positive which is very unusual for a Glassdoor review for a gig economy position. Those using Rover said it was “A Good Way To Make Extra Money” and a “Great Side Hustle”. Most only had good things to say about Rover.

WerkQuik Review Pay

This part of the review is still in process..

5. Detailed Pay Information

With Rover, you are a third party contractor. Pay from third-party contractors typically vary greatly but with Rover it varies even more as you set your price and your customers pick you. The

5-1.Bookings (Base rate)

Bookings are the main way you will make money on Rover. A booking is when someone books you to board their pet (usually a dog) or to come and look over that pet whether it be a house sit or just a house visit.

The pay for bookings will vary based off of what you charge and what percentage Rover takes out of your pay (which we will cover below).

What you charge for services (unlike many gig economy jobs) is 100% up to you. If you think your pet sitting abilities are superior to others or you have a better location let that effect in your price. However, do beware this is a free market and your customers most definitely are checking prices. Below is an example of what a customer sees looking at this marketplace…

Book Sit -

Faces & Names blanked out because I did not get permission.

When someone clicks into your profile they will further get information on pay including how much your services cost and what services you provide.

What services you provide may look something like this if you provide quite a few services… Prices For Dogboarding And Walking
If a customer wants a detailed view on prices that may look something like this…

Detailed Dog Boarding Prices
With all this said is a business, they have to make money somehow too and how they do it is by taking a percentage out of the money you charge your customers. In a sense, you are a customer of Rover and are buying the opportunity to sell your services on their marketplace. The cost you pay to be in this marketplace are as follows (source).

Pet Sitter Pay Amounts You Keep

-signed up before March 1st, 2016 keep 85%.
-signed up after March 1st, 2016 keep 80%.
-If you are a Pet Sitter who signs up with RoverGO you keep 75%.

The difference in the pay gap is most likely because when Rover was newer they were more desperate to get talent. Therefore they had to give up more money. After March 1st in 2016, they must have decided they could keep getting new talent at 80%. I’m not 100% sure as I did not make the decision though.  RoverGO sitter make a little less in exchange for a bunch of really cool features which may pay for itself. You can learn more about RoverGO in the in our blog post over the matter here.

Rover Percentage Of Pay You Keep


For some reason everywhere you go, everyone expects a tip. Honestly if you want a tip build it in your price because you set your own prices with  However some of the times people just want to show you an extra thanks for your service and that’s when you’ll get a tip.  There is evidence on the website that people want to tip based on forum questions.

If you are getting large tips all of the time though possibly that means you are charging too little. One little note about pricing, charge what you think your customer would pay for a product, not what you would pay for a product.  If you want more help on what you should charge for your Rover services check a blog post I wrote on the topic here.

The combination of tips and bookings should get you to the $1000 per month that expects you to get. This really isn’t an impossible number to get.

The Math Of Getting To $1000/month

If you charge a lower amount say $25 per night then that is only 50 nights. My math includes Rover’s 20% cut at the normal Pet Sitter level of someone that signs up after March 1st, 2016.  So at this level you would need to have multiple dogs in your house once to come close to making $1,000 per month.

If you charge at a higher amount of $50 per night then the math above is reversed and you will only need to host one dog for 25 nights to make $1,000 per month. However do note in most smaller markets (like where I live Toledo, Ohio) $50 is quite a bit of money. It seems the average price where I live is $25-$40.

Even in a city like New York, New York, it seems their equilibrium price (or market price) is $30-$60. People will charge more but those people don’t get as much business.

So unless you are doing multiple bookings at once or something really special it seems $1,000 a month is a bit out of reach.

6. Getting Paid With Rover (The Process)

Pay with is not the quickest or most simple thing ever invented regarding pay. Unlike Uber or Lyft which you can get instant payments, is going to take 3-7 days at its fastest with Paypal. If you are old school and want a check expect that to be a much longer process, upwards to 27 days with a $2.00 fee.

For direct help from the experts over at follow the link to this extremely helpful article over getting paid with

7. Additional Opportunities With Rover

7.1 Additional Income Opportunites With Rover

Opportunities to earn extra passive income with and other dog sitting services don’t seem to be as numerous as with ridesharing. However here are a few good ideas.

With these ideas, you may be able to work yourself up higher to that $1,000/month or more that boasts.

pawTree –

Pet MultiLevel Marketing

Now I’m sure none of you want me to give you a sales pitch for joining a multilevel marketing company but I’m only doing it because in this instance it CAN (not will, depends on your situation) be a good idea.

Consider this, people are already paying you $25-$40 (in smaller markets) or $30-$60 (in larger markets) to watch their pet with this said it is obvious they like this pet. So if you have a product you can sell your current customers as an add-on this can be a great idea! It doesn’t even have to be a hard sell just let your current customers look over your inventory when they pick up their pet.

pawTree offers tons of products including toys, beds and bowls. They specialize in “pet food seasoning” which honestly sounds stupid as all get up to me, but that’s here nor there. As you can tell these people aren’t paying me to tell you about them. But if someone can be sold on buying salt and herbs for their pets’ food and you can make money off of it then why not do it?


Just be careful with this that you are making money. MLM (multi-level marketing) companies are notorious for getting people to pay to work with them. In order to do this you will have to buy your stock first and then sell it so there is a large chance you can buy this and for some reason, no one wants pepper and salt for their dog’s food. Whoda thunk?

But pawTree is one of many pet based MLMs if you want to look at a few others check out this list of pet based multi-level marketing companies I found online.

Local Marketing Agreements

Local Advertising

There is no website or business associated with this. This would just be your own side hustle on a side hustle.

Consider if you got a Dog Groomer or Vet to tell you a new client is worth $25 or $50. Then you got those businesses to pay you that money for every person or for every lead you sent their way. Tracking if the deal closed would be rather difficult but you could offer a coupon for them saying your name when they went. You might even be able to charge a flat $100/month for advertising and not deal with the hassle of tracking. Small businesses would like that this is cheap advertising and you’d probably like the extra money.

7.2 Additional Savings Opportunites With Rover

The more money you save is the more money you can consider profit, meaning the more money you make. Here are a few ways to save some cash while doing Lime.

MileIQ – Save On Taxes

When driving for a business purpose you can deduct your mileage for a pretty good amount, a little over $0.50 per mile. But keeping track of that mileage can be very hard. But there is a solution. You won’t be doing a ton of driving for Rover but I am sure even the little you do for it will make up for the small price tag of MileIQ.

Get MileIQ so you can track exactly how much you could be missing on Mileage and I am absolutely certain you will get at least triple your investment in tax savings. Best of all you won’t be funding the government to waste your money.

Get $10 off & Unlimted Miles With MilesIQ Now!

8. Expenses

One of the biggest disadvantages of honestly of just about any gig economy job is the personal expense. However, that is not the case for Rover. Rover has very little expenses as most are provided by the pet owner including dog food and other things a dog may want like a special toy.

Though your rent is an expense to host dogs and gas may be needed to pick them up they are not really required. Thus I am not including them for major expenses.

Background Check (One-Time)

This is actually pretty cheap of Rover but they charge you either $25-$35 for a background check. If you pay $10 it shows you have gone through an “enhanced” test and it does increase your visibility on the site.
Paying for Background

RoverGO (Optional)

RoverGO is not a traditional expense because it is not a set number. However, if you do sign up for RoverGO you will be making 10% less on sits and walks, therefore you are technically paying for the service. This is not a required expense but is very helpful if you are bad at marketing yourself.

8-1. Recommended Items (Top 5)

These items are not necessary for you to get but ones I highly recommend. These should be useful for you to do your job and to make more money while working for Lime. Below is a quick list (only my top 5 recommendations), I highly recommend looking over our complete Rover Recommended Item List for the complete list.

Keep Your House Smelling Fresh

First impressions are everything and a house that smells like a wet dog will push a lot of people off. Make sure you are keeping up with scent enhancement with either Febreeze (below) of an essential oil program (suggestion in the recommended item list).

Some Dog Toys Are Great Around The House

Depending on the dog they love playing with toys, some more than others. However, the best reason to buy toys is to show pet parents that you have them. It shows you care and is a nice addition.

Take The Perfect Dog Selfie

This thing looks weird but with it you can get the perfect pet selfie every time. Dog owners will love it and give you much higher tips and you can charge more.

Keep Your Home Stain Free

Its inevitable eventually a pet will have a mess and the last thing you want is a pee stain in your carpet. Below are two stain removal sprays you can use (a regular removal spray & an organic one) and a handheld carpet cleaner. You can rent Rug Doctors from Wal-Mart for about $30.00 those are generally for doing your whole house. This handheld cleaner will really be great for just those small stains that arise every now and then.

Back Seat Cover For Transporting Dogs

This cover is a definite must-have when transporting dogs.

The material is waterproof so if a dog pees it will not seep into the material. In addition, the latches can be attached to the front seat so the dog (or dogs) are not running from the bag seat to the front seat.

This will make your life MUCH easier!

8-2. On The Job Expenses

Still in progress. This will be how much was spent working for Rover when I did my trial.

9. Hours

You make your own hours which is one of the great things in the gig economy.

“As a shopper, you can schedule a delivery any time from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., 7 days a week. So shop in your spare time, evenings, or take on a full 40-hour schedule. The choice is yours.” – Shipt

10. Pros & Cons

Here is a quick list of what we liked about Rover and didn’t so much or about what we read online. As for all gig economy jobs wages can be below minimum wage given the worst circumstances because this being a universal “con” we do not list it on any reviews.


You Get To Decide Your Prices
Extensive Online Training
-This may seem like a lot but it helps those unsure about how to be an effective Rover walker or sitter be effective.
There Are No Major Reocurring Expenses
Get To Be Around Dogs

Can Be “Semi-Passive” income
-If you don’t mind watching dogs it may not seem like work
Ability To Make Add-On Sales With Bookings
-You can sell dog washes and manicures or something along with a stay. If you massage dogs and can convince someone to pay you for it Rover will let you do it. Most likely within reason.
You Can Host Multiple Pets At Once
-Make more money with the same amount of time.


Wear & Tear On Your House
Other People’s Dogs Can Stink & Be Untrained
If You Don’t Market Yourself Right You’re Not Getting Jobs
-Even with this as a negative I can say Rover does their absolute best to make marketing easy as possible. If you just try and listen to what is said in the quiz you should do fine.
Cleaning Up After Other People’s Pets
Rover Gets Commision On Everything, Even Tips
You Seriously Have To Pay For A Background Check, $25 Or $35

11. My On The Job Experience

Getting Started

After the sign up with Rover, your first task is to fill out details about yourself including a 150-word description which at first seems like a bit of an overkill but in all actuality its exactly what you need.

Like I detailed in my review regarding Rover if you do not market yourself right you will not even get jobs. Luckily Rover knows this and wanted to make sure their walkers care more about dogs then hardcore promotion. If you simply use common sense and follow the instructions for getting set up doing your marketing should be pretty easy. For example, if you fill out that 150-word description correctly you should be writing a great sales pitch on why someone should be using you to take care of their dog. If you use a better headline then “I’ve Only Eaten Two Dogs” you should do fairly well. But if all of this is still really confusing Rover made a video to help with Marketing and getting jobs.

While talking about common sense it should be noted Rover does have a 6 point quiz you must pass to become a walker. If you just watch the videos and use common sense you should pass. It’s extremely easy to pass but it does show Rover cares. Also, it helps them weed out those that don’t care or who are too stupid for their own good. I’m talking about the people you look at and wonder “how do they remember to breathe?”. One answer (I assume was incorrect) was “Do nothing, dog sitting isn’t that complicated.”. Honestly which is probably true but don’t say that on a quiz.

After the quiz, you are paying either $25 or $35 for a background check. That’s booty.

12. Review Summary

13. Rating

14. Related WerkQuik Gigs

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