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Takl is a home services platform where customers can book chores 7 days a week on demand. The platform has 400 small jobs and for jobs not listed Takl allows custom jobs (within reason). Takl was launched in country music’s headquarters Nashville in 2016 after it was founded by Willis Johnson, Greg McCollum and Steve Cohan in 2015. The company makes their money by taking a percentage of each chore completed on the platform which can range from cleaning the gutters, mowing the lawn to really anything.

As a Takl Provider, your job will be to do whatever task you advertise. This may range from assembling furniture, landscaping, cleaning or even something in between.

Continue reading below for my full Takl review including detailed information on pay, hours and pros & cons. If you are in a rush Click here to skip to the bottom and check out my review summary.

Review Index

  1. Takl Sign-Up Bonus
  2. Requirements
  3. Detailed Job Information
  4. Earnings/Income Breakdown
    -Company Claims
    -Glassdoor Claims
    -WerkQuik Review Pay
  5. Detailed Pay Information
  6. Getting Paid With Uber (The Process)
  7. Additional Opportunities For Takl
    -Income Opportunites With Takl
    -Savings Opportunites With Takl
  8. Expenses
  9. Hours
  10. Pros & Cons
  11. On The Job Experience
  12. Review Summary
  13. Rating
  14. Related WerkQuik Gigs

1. Takl Sign Up Bonus

Takl Referral Code:  [N/A]
No sign up bonus :'( . Very Sad. 

Sign Up To Be A Takl Provider

2. Listed Requirements (source)

  1. Be 18 Or Over
  2. Knowledge Of The Skill You’ve Offered
  3. Complete Provider Online Orientation
    -This is a pretty short online class that is actually helpful enough that I have listed it as a pro in the Pro & Con section.
  4. A Bank Account
  5. Pass A Background Check
  6. A Social Security Number
  7. Transportation
    -This implies as long as you get to the job site they don’t care how you do it. So if you Uber, Lyft or take public transit to a job that should be fine.
  8. iOS or Android Smartphone (with texting capability)

Unlisted Requirements

Not listed but these are common sense things you would need.

  1. Be Eligible To Work In The United States
  2. US Drivers License or Form Of Identification
    – You need one of these for registration
  3. Tools Or Supplies For Whatever Job You Choose To Do
    -Takl requires you to supply your own equipment and supplies for jobs.

3. Detailed Job Information

Takl is a service where people can hire you to do household chores and tasks. These chores and tasks are known as Gigs. When you start Takl you say which gigs you would like to do and which you can’t. Remember for whatever gig you do you must furnish your own supplies and equipment. This means if you are mowing a lawn you must bring the lawnmower and gas.

The most requested gigs on Takl are Haul Away, Lawn Mowing and House Cleaning gigs. Like said above for any of these tasks you are responsible for all equipment and supplies. If the home owner is responsible for something it will be noted in the description for the task.

How Do I Get Work

You get work on Takl by looking on the app and going to the available chores section. If a chore looks good then click on it.

Chores are sorted newest to oldest with jobs that are to be done as soon as possible first and scheduled jobs for later on further

Takl Provider Gig Review - Screenshot My Chores - WerkQuik.com

Jobs come in a few timeframes for you to accept.

NOW – Do the job as soon as possible. You should be doing these jobs in about an hour.

SCHEDULED – Job is in the future at a set time (EX: Be here at 11a November 11th, 2018)

FLEXIBLE – Job is in the future during a specific time frame (EX: Be here anytime between 11a-6p November 11th, 2018)
With flexible, you will select the time between 11a-6p that you will be there. For example you may say you’ll be there at 1p, show up then because the client will be waiting.

Now what does a job look like? Well here is an example of that…
Takl Provider Gig Review - Accept Job - WerkQuik.com
Under this, a customer includes any information that a Provider may need to know including any specific things they want them to know. From here if you accept the job then the customer gets to look at you and if they accept you too then you have the job!

Getting Into Work

After you have the job you have to show up. Once there its time to get to work. Bring your tools (if you are a handyman), equipment, if you are lawn care professional or whatever you need to do below, is a quick checklist for a first job.

First job checklist
1. Double check you have all your tools, equipment and supplies needed.
2.Communicate with the customer you are on your way
3. Verify the chose is as described.
– You don’t want to be doing work you’re not paid for.
4. Take a picture of the area and job
– “It shows the original condition or a true before and after view” – Takl
– “It shows any existing damage to an area” – Takl
– CYOA (Cover Your Own Ass). Protect yourself from damage claims and junk.
5. Do the job!
6. Take a picture of the completed project
– This is another CYOA step
7. Rate your customer


4. Earnings/Income Breakdown

Earnings Potential (Hourly)

What company claims:  N/A
Glassdoor Average: $N/A /hr (source)
WerkQuik Review Earnings: 10 hour average

WerkQuik Earnings Chart. Display Earnings form 10 hours of work.

Company Claims

“Great Pay Fast” that’s the only company claim. It makes sense to a degree since jobs can vary so much. With this said I will try to do multiple jobs for a certain time to see what the pay is going to look like.

Takl Provider Gig Review - Get Paid Fast - WerkQuik.com

Pay Claim – “Great Pay Fast”

Glassdoor Average (source)

Takl literally has no pay information on Glassdoor. I will try to do this review quick so you can get an idea of what you will make as a provider.

WerkQuik Average

This portion of the review still in progress

4. Detailed Pay Information

As a Takl Provider, you are a third party contractor. With this said pay can vary greatly between customer to customer sometimes based on skill and knowledge and sometimes based on luck and just being in the right place at the right time. With Takl pay can vary based on the gig (lawncare/hauling things or such) you take. Some make more and others make less but are eaiser to do.

Generally, you will be seeing 70% of the money customers pay for a gig. Who in the heck is paying $80 to have a shelf assembled is beyond me but regardless.

But below are the ways you will make money with Takl.


The money for the gig you take will be the main way you get paid with Takl. For example, if you took the above job putting together the metal storage shelves you would receive $56.00. You would make $56.00 no matter how fast or nice you were. How fast you are and how nice you are is reflected in your tip. This is very straightforward as prices are set by the app for each job. The $56.00 is after Takl takes their cut and such so that is all you.


Depending on how you do on a job and how much of a cheap ass your customer is you will receive a tip. Tips like any industry are based on how well of a job you do and how much the person likes you that is paying the bill. You keep 100% of your tips and a cool thing is customers can tip in-app or in cash.

If you want to increase your tips I’ll link a blog post here that will show you how to get more tips [ LINK HERE ].


The final way you will get paid with Takl is through fees. For example with hauling gigs, you will get a disposal fee for items the customer no longer wants. You as a Provider get to keep 100% of these fees. However, if you do want you may eliminate these fees to remain competitive or become more competitive in the marketplace.

5. Getting Paid With Takl (The Process)

Generally, it will take 3 days to get paid off of a gig you complete on Takl due to the time it takes for Takl’s payment processing company.

For your first payment, it may take up to a little over a week (7 business days) for payment.

6. Additional Opportunities With Takl

6.1 Income Opportunities With Takl

Opportunities to earn extra passive income with Takl are rather limited however below are a few we have found.

Takl prohibits you to try to do business or exact cash for jobs with clients they give you. Doing so could have you eliminated from the platform.

Wrapify – www.Wrapify.com

Car Wrap Advertising

Wrapify is a company that will pay you for a partial or full car wrap. Pay is $84 – $452 per month depending on the amount of your car you would like to wrap, your location and the demand for car wrap advertising.

Carvertise – www.Carvertise.com

Car Wrap Advertising

Carvertise is a company that will pay you for a partial or full car wrap.  Carvertise described their payment model as the following “Our standard payment rate is $100/month. Sometimes there are more specialized campaigns that can pay up to $200 / month but this is not common. We also offer drivers the ability to make additional passive income through parking their cars in certain places at certain times. Our going pay rate for this is typically $30/hour.”

6.2 Savings Opportunities With Takl

MileIQ- www.MileIQ.com
Milage Counting App

One of the biggest drains on all of our pockets is taxes and personally, I try to pay as little taxes as possible. MileIQ helps you do just that by helping you write off as many miles as possible. For each mile, you drive you can write off 54.5 cents. That can add up to a lot of money. In addition, you can save $10 signing up to MileIQ with our affliate link. Just click below to sign up.

Get 20% Unlimted Miles With MilesIQ Now!

7. Expenses

Vehicle Wear & Tear

Vehicle Wear & Tear is the cost of using your car. That includes maintenance, tire replacements and such. This number includes fuel. AAA puts this number at 60.8 cents for an average size sedan and 46.4 cents for a small sedan (like my Mazda 3). This obviously means the more mileage you put on your car the more it will cost you. The nice this about mileage is you can write it off! In 2018 according to MileIQ, you can write off 54.5 cents per mile. This can be big tax savings.

It is all really based on the value of your car, make, model and a variety of factors. Even where you live can play a part in it. For example, if you live in Toledo, Ohio (The pothole capital of Ohio) like myself then your wear & tear will likely be higher then that of a city that elects semi-competent leaders that can fill holes in the road.


Gas is one of the biggest out front expenses with Rideshare. Repair & Maintenance is bad but at the same time the cost can be reduced by taking better care of your care or it can be put off. Gas is a cost you cannot get around. According to the same AAA article above gas can cost 3.68 cents per mile (electric cars) to 13.8 cents per mile (Pick-up trucks) depending on your vehicle.

NOTE: Tracking Mileage

Tracking mileage can be very difficult. Your job as an Uber Driver is to drive and be friendly. Not to track where you’ve been. I highly suggest using MileIQ, if you use my affiliate link below you get 20% off an annual membership and help fund WerkQuik.com. This is a savings of $10.00 and this program will help you save even more than that in the long run!

Get 20% Unlimted Miles With MilesIQ Now!

The Takl App

Takl is kinda weird in the sense that being part of the app costs $2.99/month. This is technically an expense but I honestly doubt this is to make money. The company likely charges this amount so you are only registered as a provider if you really want to be one. This keeps only those who are serious about being a provider as a provider.

Tools & Supplies

Unfortunately, you will be providing all the tools and supplies needed for a job unless stated for a job. This could be pretty pricey unless you find a few good deals on tools. With that, you are in luck because below are some good tools I have found.

7-1. Recommended Items

8. Hours

It seems Takl’s hours are until 7pm according to this post on Takl’s website. Not certain if they open back up at a certain time so probably not the best post ever lol.

I would assume hours are 7am to 7pm.

9. Pros & Cons

Here is a quick list of what we liked about Instacart and didn’t so much or about what we read online. As for all gig economy jobs wages can be below minimum wage given the worst circumstances because this being a universal “con” we do not list it on any reviews.


You Can See How Much You Will Make Before You Take A Job
You Get To Work With Your Hands

Payment Is Pretty Consistent
-Because prices are always the same you generally know how much you’ll get for each job.
Flexible Hours
Minimal Marketing Needed
-You only need to make sure you don’t look like a creep on your profile
Great Training
-I rarely see good training for gig economy jobs. Takl was actually really good, a majority of this review came from the review.


Wear & Tear On Your Car
Gas Expense Is Not Reimbursable 
You Provide Any Supplies & Equipment Needed For A Gig
You Have To Pay $2.99 To Use Takl

10. On The Job Experience

11. Review Summary

12. Rating

13. Related WerkQuik Gigs

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