These types of gigs are gigs that you will really only be able to do with a honed skill or after a great amount of practice. While you become better at everything you do these are certain Gigs you can only do when certified, licensed or for gigs that if you did not have the skill you would be 100% lost.


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1. Additional Opportunities

1-1. Income Opportunities

2. Expenses

2-1. Recommended Items

3. Specialty Gig Sign Up Bonuses

Do you currently do a service gig or want to try a service gig? Well before you do use these referral codes for a little extra cash with your hard work. Remember, sign up bonuses differ based on the company and location.

Specialty Gigs


4. WerkQuik Speciality Gig List

Below are speciality Gigs that have been reviewed by This is a running list so as gigs are added this list will grow. If you want to be kept up to date then make sure to sign up for our e-mil list.