Have you ever heard the phrase get the right tool for the job? Well, that’s what this page is for, helping you get the right tools to help you be the best Lime Juicer you can be. Below is a list of electronics, goods and other recommended items to help make your job as a Lime Juicer way easier.

The items below are not required for you to be a Lime Juicer but just help in the gig. If you want a full list of requirements to be a Lime Juicer check out our Lime review. On the items below if you choose to buy them we at WerkQuik make a small percentage of each purchase. They however are not anymore expensive then they would typically be. If you have any questions please see our full disclosures.

So that you do not have to waste a ton of time reading through the article we do have a glossary below and for most items, we will give multiple item suggestions. In our review, we only gave 5 but like a preacher, on Thursday night we time now lol.  This is from our expertise in the gig economy we believe these are the best products you could choose.

Recommended Items For Lime Juicers

  1. Automotive Accessories
    -Covers & Mats
    -Safety & Utility
  2. Bluetooth Headsets
  3. Car Charges & Cables
  4. Charger Equipment
    -Produce More Energy
  5. Clothing
  6. Dash Cams
  7. Educational Items
  8. Flashlights
  9. Hauling & Added Efficiency
  10. Personal Protection
  11. Phone Mounts
  12. Rain Protection Gear / Umbrella

1. Automotive Accessories

Covers & Mats

Since a large part of your time with Lime will be driving its smart to make it an enjoyable experience. Here are a few car accessories that will keep your car cool and clean.

The worst thing about driving in the summer is the heat and especially burning your hand on a burning hot steering wheel. This cover is great for keeping your steering wheel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Plus being black & white it goes with most everything.

These seat covers help keep your car clean and protect your seats. Also, it goes with the steering wheel cover!

Floor mats are essential in keeping your car clean with any gig economy job. With Lime when dirt gets on your floors you can just take these mats out and spray them clean at a self-clean car wash. But these affordable and versatile mats can be used with Uber, Lyft and other rideshare gigs as well. The price on these are killer too.

Constantly cleaning your car after Juicing can be a pain. An easy solution is to put down a tarp, this is a very affordable option to preventing your interior from getting dirty in the first place. The first tarp is very entry level. If you are looking for a tarp you will most likely never have to replace spend a little more money and get the 2nd tarp which is tear resistent and a little higher quality.

Safety & Utility

Never lose your keys again! The worst feeling is not being able to find your keys when you get a shop and tearing your house apart. Attach a tile tracking device to your keys and you will know where they are 24/7. I personally hate the idea of being tracked but you are already tracked by your cell phone company this is just letting you get an advantage from that tracking.

In the unfortunate case that your car’s battery is down having jumper cables is imperative. This case from AAA has jumper cables, first aid equipment, and even a basic flashlight. This is great to have in your car.

The first aid will likely be helpful as you can potentially scratch yourself picking up scooters.

Now I come from the Midwest in Ohio and its snow season pretty much November till April. If you get a call early in the morning before you can clean off your car you will either be pretty late or driving pretty dangerously until your heat knocks off the ice. That is until now. This scrape A Round ice scraper thing is absolutely awesome. This is an absolute necessity if you live north of the Mason Dixon Line.

Talking about the cold if your car breaks down and its cold that’s no good. So here’s a blanket you could keep in your car. I’ve always done this for this reason and in case I go on a long drive my passenger can sleep. I’m just really a big blankets fan. These are some of my favorite kinds of blankets too.

2. Bluetooth Headsets

Honestly one of the best inventions ever. Growing up in the ’90s & ’00s these were viewed as absurdly nerdy but they are SUPER convenient! Plus now these Bluetooth devices are perceived as less nerdy as they’ve become cooler and slicker. Finally, these make it so you can use your phone for a GPS while talking to someone.

Below are my suggestions for Bluetooth headsets.

I personally think these headsets are great and the ease of communication is super easy. It makes calling people on the road and super legal as well in authoritarian states that outlaw talking the phone while driving.

This is cool because you could talk to a friend or loved one with picking up scooters and not have to put them on speaker phone or fumble around not using your app.

If you are into small one ear Bluetooth headphones these are the ones for you. Personally, I don’t trust them as they are too small and can’t go both ears. However, I have used Plantronics before in sales. I figure if they are making headsets for sales then all their headsets are probably pretty good.

Finally, if you are an Apple fanboy I can say Apple AirPods are actually really cool. The sound with these bad boys are great and they are barely detectable. In addition, these AirPods are charged simply by putting them back in their case. This version’s case is pretty bland but you can get really cool looking skins to make it your own.

Here is an example of AirPod skins that are also protective cases so you don’t get that signature broken Apple product look (lol). If you don’t like the look of this skin click here for a full list.

3. Car Charges & Cables

One thing you want to make sure about is your phone doesn’t die while doing Lime. If it does you can’t pick up any more Scooters and you’ll have to possibly go home with a light load of scooters.  Having a car charger and cords will help you make sure your phone doesn’t die.

In addition, car chargers are super important for other gig economy jobs as well so its a good investment. Below is the charger and three types of cords, USB, USB type C & iPhone cords.

USB C cable – this is for newer andriod phone and ironically newer Apple labtops too.

iPhone cable – this is for newer Apple iPhones

USB cable – this is for older android phones and many common older Bluetooth headphones.

4. Charging Equipment

The following items are ones that will help you charge scooters, track and control costs.

Surge Protector & Power Strip

This is a very important item as it is a surge protector and power strip so you can charge multiple scooters at once.

Track Electrical Use

With one of these babies, you’ll be able to plug your power strip into this and charge your scooters exclusively through your power strip. You will then be able to track how much electricity you use.

Make Your Own Electricity

If you don’t like the idea of paying higher electric bills consider going Solar or getting some Wind power to charge your scooter. These are pretty expensive but can help you save on your overall electric bill. Also, these would be a tax write off for your scooter charging endeavors.


5. Clothing

Sometimes the best tool you have is the one you wear. Having the right clothes on can help you a lot and protect you a lot.

My first and best suggestion on here is a nice pair of work gloves. You never know what kind of condition you will need to be picking up scooters in and where you will be picking them up at. Having gloves on can protect you from minor cuts and some really gross bugs. Finally, if its cold where you are its going to suck going out at night and touching cold metal scooters without some hand protection to keep your hands warm.

Next, I was going to recommend a safety vest but lets just all admit they look lame and get caught on things. So here is a solution just as visible, more comfortable and a lot cooler. This is a bright yellow hoodie which is very affordable but from Gildan who is a super reputable company.

If you would like something with even more visibility but still cool check out this hoodie. It even has a Teflon fabric protector so it will be a little more resilient. In addition, it’s lime colored so you’ll be dress in lime working for Lime lol.

6. Dash Cams

In sales, we call it CYOA (Cover Your Own Ass), make sure you are not at fault and that’s what a dash cam is good for. With a Dashcam, you will have video evidence of a crash to prove your innocence. The model below is an entry level Dashcam.

Below is an upgraded model. It is a higher end but as my dad always said, you get what you pay for. With this Dash Cam, you will get a higher quality video, more discreet video and wide lens which covers nearly the whole road.

7. Educational Items

With most Gig economy jobs you generally have a little bit of time to sit around in between runs or orders. With Lime, this is true as well but you will most likely be sitting at home. Here are some books you can read while sitting at home waiting for the scooters to charge.

Below are some books to help you get more tips and really are great for your life. If you read this you should be able to get higher tips and genuinely live a happier life

This is a book I recommend to 100% of my friends in relationships and often to random strangers. If you could read one book on relationships this would be it. Used copies are as cheap as $3.99 and if you hate reading there is a FREE audiobook on youtube.

My ultimate recommendation for a book is the Bible. Even if you’re not a Christian you owe it to yourself to understand what’s going on with your soul. I found this version on Amazon for under $3 new and under $1 used. If you want a FREE bible click this link.

8. Flashlights

Because you will be picking up scooters at 9 pm or later it’s important you have a way to find them in the darkness. You can use your phone but that drains battery and forces you to multi-task with your phone while looking at the Lime App. Therefore you should probably have a flashlight, here are some of my top choices.

This Flashlight is very well rated on Amazon and pretty affordable. If you lose flashlights a lot you might want to get this so its not a big deal if you lose it.

If you are looking for a super powerful Flashlight this is for you. While this Flashlight is a little more expensive it will probably be the last you will ever need to buy.

9. Hauling & Added Efficiency

If you do not have a truck, hatchback or van but instead something like an economy car and worry about how many scooters you can pick up try buying a trailer. My friend in Dallas got a trailer for doing Lime and said it quickly paid for itself.

Since this is a more expensive purchase you will want to try Lime out and see if you like it before making a large commitment like this. This particular trailer is 300lbs so can be hauled by even the smallest of cars. With your Lime Scooter load, it may get to 700lbs max.

If you are getting the above trailer you will also need a class 1 trailer hitch (which is good up to 2000lbs). Chances are it is not currently on your car but check before you buy one.

With this hitch, you will need wiring to connect the trailer to your car’s battery. This will give your trailer power to its brake lights.

Finally, you will need a ball for your trailer to lock onto. This one is fairly affordable but good quality.

10. Personal Protection

I personally believe the gig economy is very safe but if you’re in a shady neighborhood you may feel safer caring some protection. I am a very strong supporter of the 2nd amendment and believe the only person that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy (or gal) with a gun. However, not everyone feels comfortable with a firearm so below are some products you can use for protection.

Since scooters can be left in shady parts of town and there is no app connection with people you meet while picking up doing Lime can be a little more dangerous than Uber. Having some type of personal protection is highly recommended especially if you aren’t an intimidating 6’4 jacked dude.

This list is from most affordable to most expensive however all are good.

First on the list is your typical mace spray. Mace is really no joke and will take down or at least stop a pretty big foe. However, there is not a ton of intimidation factor. The first product is very affordable (under $10) for you cheapasses (lol) and the second one is a little more expensive but a better brand (in my opinion).

Second is a little more expensive and it’s essentially mace but this Mace looks like a gun. The orange tip signals to law enforcement it’s not a real gun but most criminals most likely won’t be so in the know. Many times just pulling a gun is enough to intimidate would-be attackers to flee so the gun resemblance really adds to the defensive value.

My final suggestion might come as a shock to you (pun fully intended) but I can guarantee its steep price tag carries a lot of value. Pepper spray will hurt an attacker but if someone is trained and pretty big it might not take them down. With this taser, the biggest of guys are going down plus the gun resemblance really adds to the defensive value

11. Phone Mounts

Gotta tell the truth personally I don’t use phone mounts when I drive. So I’m not even taking my own medicine (lol). I’m just a merc.  If you’ll buy it I’m willing to sell it.

All jokes aside tho phone mounts aren’t for everyone but for those not born with a phone in their hand they are very helpful. Here are a few of my suggestions based on my research of phone mounts.

This first phone mount is placed in your air vents with a vice grip like device. This should make it fairly stable and it’s pretty affordable. With a 4.5 star rating, I’m guessing they work pretty well.

I’m not a big phone mount fan but I know a lot of people are. I think this looks like a great phone mount and the reviews are very good (4.5/5). This mount, in particular, seems super easy to use and remove your phone from. This helps because you will be getting in and out of your car often and needing to take your phone with you to scan scooters.

One customer went as far to say “This is the best idea for cell phones since sliced bread.”

12. Rain Protection Gear / Umbrella

Having an Umbrella is always helpful in the Midwest. However, I lose umbrellas everytime I buy one so I also included a suggestion for you to buy a tile to attach to the umbrella.