Have you ever heard the phrase get the right tool for the job? Well, that’s what this page is for, helping you get the right tools to help you be the best Rover Dog Sitter/Walker you can be. Below is a list of electronics, goods and other recommended items to help make your job as a Dog Sitter or Walker way easier.

The items below are not required for you to be a Dog Sitter/Walker but just help in the gig. If you want a full list of requirements to be a Rover Dog Sitter/Walker check out our review for Rover. On the items below if you choose to buy them we at WerkQuik make a small percentage of each purchase. They, however, are not any more expensive then they would typically be. If you have any questions please see our full disclosures.

So that you do not have to waste a ton of time reading through this page we do have a glossary below and for most items, we will give multiple item suggestions. In our reviews, we only give 5 but like a preacher, on Thursday night we time now lol.  This is from our expertise in the gig economy, we believe these are the best products you could choose.

Recommended Items For Dog Sitters/Walkers

  1. Automotive Accessories
    – Covers & Mats
    – Key Accessories & Car Decorations
    – Car Cleaning (Interior & Exterior)
    – Scent Enhancement & Car Scents
    – Dog Transportation Seats & Mats
    – Cat Transportation Cages
  2. Car Maintenance
  3. Bluetooth Headsets
  4. Car Charges & Cables 
  5. Recommended Readings & Audiobooks
  6. Emergency Gear
    – Emergency Car Gear
    – Emergency Dog & Cat First Aid
    – Emergency Human First Aid
  7. Personal Protection
    – COVID-19 & Disease Protection
    – Personal Defense (Tasers, Mace & More)
  8. Phone Mounts
  9. Home Hygiene & Cleanliness
    – Basic Home Cleaning Items
    – Home Cleaning Items For Dogs & Cats
    – Scent Enhancement
  10. Dog Watching Items For Your Home
    – Dog Toys
    – Dog Beds
    – Dog Walking
  11. Cat Watching Items For Your Home
    – Cat Furniture
  12. Clothing
    – Walking Shoes
    – Dog Shirts
    – Cat Shirts
  13. Rain Protection Gear / Umbrella
  14. Photography

1. Automotive Accessories For Rover

Covers & Mats

Since a large part of your time with Rover while being a Dog Walker will be driving so its smart to make it an enjoyable experience. Here are a few car accessories that will keep your car cool and clean. 

The worst thing about driving in the summer is the heat and especially burning your hand on a burning hot steering wheel. This cover is great for keeping your steering wheel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Plus being black & white it goes with most everything.

These seat covers help keep your car clean and protect your seats. Also, it goes with the steering wheel cover!

Floor mats are essential in keeping your car clean with any gig economy job. With Rover if a dog goes 1 or 2 you can just take these mats out and spray them clean at a self-clean car wash. But these affordable and versatile mats can be used with Uber, Lyft, and other gig economy jobs as well. The price on these are killer too.

Floor mats are essential in keeping your car clean with any gig economy job. With Rover if you spill some groceries you can just take these mats out and spray them clean at a self-clean car wash. But these affordable and versatile mats can be used with Uber, Lyft, and other rideshares as well. The price on these are killer too.

Key Accessories & Car Decorations

One of your biggest tool as an Rover Walker is your car and the only way to use your car is with your key so they’re pretty important. I suggest having one or more of these accessories just for that reason. On this list are a key siren so if you can’t find your keys they will make a noise so you can find the key around your house. The tile is very similar to that but it will tell you a general location of the keys just incase you left your keys in the restaurant it makes it so you know not to need to look in your car. The final items are keychains I use hooks to link up to my belt looks so I never drop or lose my keys. The last key accessory just looked cool.

Since you will be spending a lot of your time in your car I suggest having nice decorations. This will help you enjoy your time in your car and boost your moral. Of coarse I included the Hawaiian dancing girl since its a classic along with the red fuzzy dice. I included the cross to remind you to go to church or maybe if you’re a bad enough driver to remind you to pray you can get to your location in one piece. Finally the trash can isn’t as much a decoration as its useful.

Car Cleaning (Interior & Exterior)

Keeping your car clean is important for your mental sanity and to keep you focused. My mother always said messy room, messy life. I think its very similar for your car as well. Below are some affordable and necessary items to keep your car clean inside and out. These include a vacuum, wipes and more. For the outside of the car I included recommended car cleaning kits and even the infamous SHAM-WOW!

Scent Enhancement

One of the best things you can do for your moral is have an environment you enjoy. Along with having a clean car with cool accessories the next step is to have it smell good.

Having a good smelling car will make you feel good. The good scents in your car will make you be ready to put in a few more hours to make a little more money. Included are some essential oil options which also claim to give calming and other effects, this is a great long term solution to making your car smell good. In addition there are the cheap-o options which just make your car smell better but to be honest they do the job. This is a good short term option.

Dog Transportation Seats & Mats

If you’re picking up dogs for walks its pretty important they get there safe. With that you are going to want to make sure you have the proper Dog seats & mats for use in your car, SUV, truck or whatever.

These car mats should keep dogs safely in the back. The cage is highly rated too and the harness is one of the best on the market.

Cat Transportation Seats & Mats

Safety is also very important for cats if not more important. If a dog runs away they likely won’t go far and are traditionally trusting. Cats will just bolt so if they get away.

So if you’re going to be watching cats and picking them up these carriers are super helpful. Also if you use a lease make sure it is a full body harness. Cats can escape from normal collars, I know from experience.

2. Car Maintenance For Rover

Like I said above your car is your greatest asset when it comes to Rover. With that said you need to make sure to take care of your care. It is important you keep your tires aired, your window wiper fluid full and such. I even included a car error detector so you can go into a mechanic with a little insight to what is wrong with your car.

3. Bluetooth Headsets For Rover

Honestly one of the best inventions ever. Growing up in the ’90s & ’00s these were viewed as absurdly nerdy but they are SUPER convenient! Plus now these Bluetooth devices are perceived as less nerdy as they’ve become cooler and slicker. Finally, these make it so you can use your phone for a GPS while talking to someone.

In many states it is actually now illegal to drive and talk on your phone without a Bluetooth device. I highly recommend getting some form of Bluetooth headset especially since they actually cost less than $20 for some! They help you focus on the road better and it is actually easier to hear others as they talk to you.

Below are my suggestions for Bluetooth headsets. I have included a section for Android and one for Apple. With that said I am sure both are able to work with the other but the Apple headsets are built for the phone so will likely have better performance than other Bluetooth devices.

4. Car Charges & Cables For Rover

While doing Rover it is so important you have all the cords you need. Below are the ones you want to make sure you have.

Charging Cable For Phones & Bluetooth Headsets (iPhone, USB-C & Micro-USB)

One thing you want to make sure about is your phone doesn’t die while doing Rover so you can call the customer if need be, look over lists and such. Having a car charger and cords will help you make sure your phone doesn’t die. I personally suggest the Multi-Charging cable, it can be helpful to charge other people’s devices if you choose to do a Rideshare gig like Uber or Lyft.

Cables For Your Car Audio

Many new phones do not have aux ports (looking at you iPhones) but many do and if I had to rely strictly on the radio for entertainment I’d go mad. Below are some items for entertainment you should consider when doing any gig.

In addition I also included a cassette to headphone jack for very old cars which you can still use for delivery and possibly rideshare depending on the city and demand for drivers.

5. Recommended Readings & Audiobooks For Rover

One great thing about DoorDash is it gives you time to study and work on yourself. Below are some books to help you get more tips and really are great for your life. If you read this you should be able to get higher tips and genuinely live a happier life.

The 5 Love Languages is a book I recommend to 100% of my friends in relationships and often to random strangers. If you could read one book on relationships this would be it. Used copies are as cheap as $3.99 and if you hate reading there is a FREE audiobook on youtube.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is one of the best money books you will ever read. It’s author Robert Kiyosaki is a genius who has made teaching people about financial intelligence. Technically he is our competitor at WerkQuik.com but I can’t lie, he does it better. Read his book it really is great and this is a man I look up to.

12 Rules For Life is an excellent book I highly recommend. If you feel like your life is very chaotic but you don’t have money or time for therapy try this book and the next book. These are simple solutions by Jordan Petersen for getting your life straight.

My ultimate recommendation for a book is the Bible. Even if you’re not a Christian you owe it to yourself to understand what’s going on with your soul. Amazon does not allow you to put any version of the bible in an ad so you’ll just have to look up the book unfortunately. If you want a FREE bible click this link.

If you would like to read these books but don’t have time because you’re driving or hate reading try listening to them in audio form through Audible. You get one free audiobook to sign up with a free trial. Any books you buy with your Audible membership are yours to keep to listen to FOREVER! It really is a cool subscription.
Try Audible today, click here for your free audiobook!

6. Emergency Gear For Rover

Emergency Car Gear

In case anything happens to your car you should be able to stay save so I included some items you should have just in case. Some of those include a blanket, flashlight, car jack and tire repair kit. These are things every car should really have so I suggest buying it for yourself and a significant other even if they don’t plan to do a gig. These are just nice things to have in a car regardless.

Emergency First Aid – Dogs & Cats

In case anything happens it is very important you are able to do basic first aid for the animals in your control. These items will help you take care of other people’s “fur babies”. With that said if it is very bad contact the owners and get approval to take the animal to an emergency vet.

Emergency First Aid – Human

Also let me mention you do not know the cats or dogs you will be watching they might bite or scratch. This is emergency gear for you the human taking care of them.

7. Personal Protection For Rover

COVID-19 & Disease Protection

In certain states this is not even a choice, you must wear the mask. That is not one bit constitutional but if you want to make money with delivery you must follow the rules the company dictates. So below are masks and sanitation items. Masks are most protective to least I’d say wear the mesh one during work at your own risk.

Self-Defense (Tasers, Mace & More)

I personally believe the gig economy is very safe but if you’re in a shady neighborhood you may feel safer caring some protection. I am a very strong supporter of the 2nd amendment and believe the only person that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy (or gal) with a gun. However, not everyone feels comfortable with a firearm so below are some products you can use for protection.

Taser are a great option because they look a little like a gun and just reaching for it can scare some attackers off. The mace is good but can be hard to use which is the same for the baton. Please remember care at your own risk and the best defense is not getting yourself into the situation. If you feel sketched out by a delivery please do not take it.

Final warning, these are dangerous items that if used improperly can be used to harm or kill. If used improperly that person harmed or killed can be you. Use with caution!

8. Phone Mounts For Rover

Personally I used to hate these things but honestly I love them more and more. It really is a pain to position your phone on your knee and it is pretty dangerous too if you aren’t experienced. These phone mounts have become increasingly useful due to Bluetooth and wireless charging. The first mount is the most expensive but includes wireless charging.

9. Home Hygiene & Cleanliness For Rover

Lets face it, having a dirty house is unhealthy for your physical & mental health. Dogs can be among the dirtiest animals kept as pets especially if people don’t take care of their dog. With this I suggest you use some of the following to keep your home clean and tidy.

Basic Home Cleaning Items

These are basic items to be honest you should already have. If you do not have these items you really should. If one of these items have broken on you these could be great replacements.

Home Cleaning Items For Dogs & Cats

These are advanced items you should have to clean up after your dog, cat or someone else’s pet. They will pee inside, they will shed and they may even poop in your house. With that said you should be prepared to clean your carpet with more advanced methods than just the basic vacuum. Personally I recommend getting a carpet cleaner or at least the spot remover. The total carpet cleaner will get the smell of dog out of your house. But if that is out of your price range at least get one of the small pet stain cleaners, they work wonders.

Home Scent Enhancement

If you have a ton of pets in your house this will be essential and ironically I recommend essential oils. People say they have medicinal purposes but I just like the smell. They do cost a little more but personally I think they are worth it. In addition I did include some candles as well for those that are candle people.

10. Dog Watching Items For Your Home For Rover

If you’re going to watch dogs you should have some items dogs like such as toys and beds. These are some of my favorite Canine related items every Rover employee should have.

Dog Toys

These are really great dog toys. I recommend getting a few and stocking up on them. It will be good long term so all the dogs have their own toy to play with. If the dogs really like them you could sell them to their owners too.

Dog Beds

These are some of the comfiest dog beds. People will pick your home as a place for their dogs to stay based off dog furniture sometimes so these can be a good investment.

Dog Walking

From what I’ve been told you want a solid length leash so your dog knows how far it can and can’t go. But some people just really love retractable leashes. I included one good one if you’re that person that loves those kind of leashes. In addition you should pick up the dog poop your dogs and those you’re walking make so here is also some items for dog poop pick up.

11. Cat Watching Items For Your Home For Rover

If you’re going to watch cats you should have some items cats like such as toys and beds. These are some of my favorite feline related items every Rover employee should have that watches cats.

Cat Toys

These are really great cat toys. I recommend getting a few and stocking up on them. It will be good long term so all the cats have their own toy to play with. If the cats really like them you could sell them to their owners too.

Cat Furniture

Cat furniture is really pretty cool. Good furniture will keep cats comfortable with a high vantage point and keep them off your furniture. In addition that comfortability can keep them from peeing everywhere.

Cat Litter & Litter Box

Having a good litter box will make cats want to use their potty more and so will good litter. I only included one litter because it is all natural and cheaper than the other brands. It should be a great litter to use. The boxes are basic or advanced. The advanced one makes it so you don’t have to clean up after your cat and there is some furniture to help hide the litter box which is really cool.

12. Clothing for Rover

If yo are working for Rover clothing is important. Like any other job you can’t do it naked lol. It would creep out the dogs. With that said walking dogs is an important part of the job so below are some cool shoes you might like. Also are some shirts I thought you might be into as well.

13. Rain Protection Gear / Umbrella For Rover

Having an Umbrella is always helpful in the Midwest. However, I lose umbrellas every time I buy one so I also included a suggestion for you to buy a tile to attach to the umbrella.

14. Photography For Rover

A major part of Rover is updating Dog moms and dads about their fur baby via video or picture. These are accessories to help you take great pictures of cats and dogs!