Have you ever heard the phrase get the right tool for the job? Well, that’s what this page is for, helping you get the right tools to help you be the best Rover Dog Sitter/Walker you can be. Below is a list of electronics, goods and other recommended items to help make your job as a Dog Sitter orWalker way easier.

The items below are not required for you to be a Dog Sitter/Walker but just help in the gig. If you want a full list of requirements to be a Rover Dog Sitter/Walker check out our review for Rover. On the items below if you choose to buy them we at WerkQuik make a small percentage of each purchase. They, however, are not any more expensive then they would typically be. If you have any questions please see our full disclosures.

So that you do not have to waste a ton of time reading through this page we do have a glossary below and for most items, we will give multiple item suggestions. In our reviews, we only give 5 but like a preacher, on Thursday night we time now lol.  This is from our expertise in the gig economy, we believe these are the best products you could choose.

Recommended Items For Dog Sitters/Walkers

  1. Automotive Accessories
    -Covers & Mats
    – Driver Comfort & Support
    -Safety & Utility
  2. Bluetooth Headsets
  3. Car Charges & Cables
  4. Cleanliness & Hygiene
    – Basic Home Cleaning Items
    – Scent Enhancement
  5. Clothing
    – Walking Shoes
  6. Dog Essentials
    – Care
    – Toys
    – Walking
  7. Educational Items
  8. Flashlights
  9. Personal Protection
  10. Photography
  11. Rain Protection Gear / Umbrella
  12. Revenue generation
  13. Tips

1. Automotive Accessories

Covers & Mats

While doing Rover driving will not be the main thing you do, in fact, depending on how you operate your operation you may not need to drive at all. However, if you do drive to pick up dogs or to take them to the park or such to walk making sure your care is dog-proofed is important.

Steering Wheel Cover

Front Seat Covers

These seat covers help keep your car clean and protect your front seats. Also, it goes with the steering wheel cover!

Back Seat Cover For Transporting Dogs

This cover is a definite must-have when transporting dogs.

The material is waterproof so if a dog pees it will not seep into the material. In addition, the latches can be attached to the front seat so the dog (or dogs) are not running from the bag seat to the front seat.

This will make your life MUCH easier!

Floor Mats To Catch Messes

Floor mats are essential in keeping your car clean with any gig economy job.  These affordable and versatile mats can be used with Uber, Lyft and pretty much any other gig you try. The price on these is killer too.

With Rover, these are good for catching messes Dogs make if they are on the floor so they don’t stain your floor.

Driver Comfort & Support

Driving for many can be exhausting. While you won’t be doing a ton of driving with Rover you can make sure the time you are driving is comfortable.

Making sure you are comfortable while driving can be super important. These cushions can help with body support while driving.

Safety & Utility

While you won’t be driving a ton with Rover I wanted to include these items just in case you wanted to look at them. I think the following items are extremely helpful safety-wise & utility-wise.

Key or Important Item Locator [GPS Tile]

Never lose your keys again!

The worst feeling is not being able to find your keys when you get like a 5x multiplier ride and tearing your house apart. Attach a tile tracking device to your keys and you will know where they are 24/7. I personally hate the idea of being tracked but you are already tracked by your cell phone company this is just letting you get an advantage from that tracking.

EMERGENCY Road Kit With Jumper Cables & First Aid Kit

In the unfortunate case that your car’s battery is down having jumper cables is imperative. This case from AAA has jumper cables, first aid equipment, and even a basic flashlight. This is great to have in your car.

The first aid will likely be helpful as you never know how people are entering your car. They could be bruised and beaten.

The Easiest Ice Scraper You Will Ever Use

Now I come from the Midwest in Ohio and its snow season pretty much November till April. If you get a call early in the morning before you can clean off your car you will either be pretty late or driving pretty dangerously until your heat knocks off the ice. That is until now. This scrape A Round ice scraper thing is absolutely awesome. This is an absolute necessity if you live north of the Mason Dixon Line.

Emergency Blanket

Talking about the cold if your car breaks down and its cold that’s no good. So here’s a blanket you could keep in your car. I’ve always done this for this reason and in case I go on a long drive my passenger can sleep. I’m just really a big blankets fan. These are some of my favorite kinds of blankets too.

2. Bluetooth Headsets

Honestly one of the best inventions ever. Growing up in the ’90s & ’00s these were viewed as absurdly nerdy but they are SUPER convenient! Plus now these Bluetooth devices are perceived as less nerdy as they’ve become cooler and slicker.

These Bluetooth headsets are extremely handy if you want to listen to music or talk to someone while walking dogs. With a headset both of your hands are free so you don’t have to fumble with your phone in your hands and you can better control the dogs you are walking.

Optional Dual Ear Headset

This is my preference when it comes to Bluetooth headsets. These LG headsets are super sleek and sometimes I even forget I am wearing them. If you are in an intense conversation or don’t wanna listen to the people around you, you can put in both ears. If you still want to listen a bit just keep one ear in and one out. I suggest doing the one in and one out approach when walking dogs so you can still be aware of your surroundings.

One Ear Bluetooth Headset

If you are into small one ear Bluetooth headphones these are the ones for you. Personally, I don’t trust them as they are too small and can’t go both ears. However, I have used Plantronics before in sales. I figure if they are making headsets for sales then all their headsets are probably pretty good. Also, this style reminds me of an early 2000s businessman to be honest.

Apple Airpod Bluetooth Headset

Finally, if you are an Apple fanboy I can say Apple AirPods are actually really cool. The sound with these bad boys are great and they are barely detectable. In addition, these AirPods are charged simply by putting them back in their case. This version’s case is pretty bland but you can get really cool looking skins to make it your own.

Here is an example of AirPod skins that are also protective cases so you don’t get that signature broken Apple product look (lol). If you don’t like the look of this skin click here for a full list.

3. Car Charges & Cables

Having your phone charged is very important in this day and age especially when doing gig economy jobs. While walking dogs you will be expected to send pictures of a person’s dog to them. Can’t do that very well with a dead phone. One of the best places to charge your phone while walking a dog is your car.

In addition, car chargers are super important for other gig economy jobs as well so it’s a good investment. Below are the charger and three types of cords, USB, USB type C & iPhone cords. Plus a super-cord with all the outlets in one!

USB C cable

This is for newer android phone and ironically newer Apple laptops too.

iPhone cable

This is for newer Apple iPhones

USB cable

This for older android phones and many common older Bluetooth headphones.

Supercord – All Outlets

This can be very helpful for having all outlets however your Cargo vending machine does have other charging cords in it so it could cut into sales.

Aux Cord

Many new phones do not have aux ports (looking at you iPhones) but many do and if I had to rely strictly on the radio for entertainment I’d go mad. Below are some items for entertainment you should consider when doing Lyft.

Aux Cord For iPhone

Obviously this is not a cord, however, this will act like an aux cord so people with iPhones can listen to music in older cars without Bluetooth integration.

4. Cleanliness & Hygiene

First impressions are made within a few seconds and a good smell can set a good impression for a whole Rover Client relationship.

The image your house portrays says a lot about you and can determine your success as a pet sitter. Put it this way if your house is a mess it will be hard to retain clientele. Your first sit for a client foreshadows to them how you are as a pet sitter as a whole. They may give you one job but if the person down the street charges the same amount or even $5 more per sit but have a cleaner house they will probably get the business 85% of the time.

Basic Home Cleaning Items

These are essential items to have in your home for good cleanliness and hygiene. You should have these items but if not here are a few good home cleaning products that are affordable and pretty high quality.

Vacuum – For Carpet

Vacuums can be rather expensive so I included two. The shark is a little more expensive but higher quality than the Bissell. The shark will be a bit better at picking up pet hair and picking up dirt. Both of these items are free shipping!

Stain Removal – For Carpet

Its inevitable eventually a pet will have a mess and the last thing you want is a pee stain in your carpet. Below are two stain removal sprays you can use (a regular removal spray & an organic one) and a handheld carpet cleaner. You can rent Rug Doctors from Wal-Mart for about $30.00 those are generally for doing your whole house. This handheld cleaner will really be great for just those small stains that arise every now and then.

Mop – For Dry Floors & Tile

Keeping your dry floors and tile clean is extremely important and a mop is just the tool you will need for doing that. I have included two variations for you to pick from. A traditional mop and a spray mop. The latter is much easier to use in my opinion.

Scent Enhancement

The smell of your home is super important. Nothing makes me want to leave a place more than a wet dog or urine smell. Maybe that’s because I’m not a big enough dog person but I’m sure I’m pretty close to the mainstream on this view. With these scent enhancement tools, you’ll be able to wow owners with a subtle scent as they come in allowing you to charge more and retain clients.

Remember these scents are enhancers of smell. They are improvements of good smell and not always remedies for bad smells. If your car house smells a deep clean may be needed first.

The long-term scent program I suggest is with Essential Oils. The hippy-dippy crowd suggests they have medical effects I just like the smell and they do have stress relieving properties. Essential Oils will have a higher start-up cost but lower cost over time. With essential oils, you will need a diffuser & the essential oils. Let me note the essential oils listed are expensive but that is due to their concentration producing a better smell and the number of oils.

A short-term solution which is much more plug and chug is just these Febreze scents.

5. Clothing

Sometimes the best tool you have is the one you wear. With the right clothing, you can say I’m a dog person.

Clothing can help you establish rapport and start a great conversation on a first meeting. Below are a few of my favorite items on Amazon.


Hoodies & Such

Running Shoes

If you are walking dogs a lot make sure you are taking care of your feet, they are your money makers. Below are a few good suggestions for running shoes.

Men’s Running Shoes

Women’s Running Shoes

6. Educational Items

With most Gig economy jobs you generally have a little bit of time to sit around in between runs or orders. With Rover, this is true as well while Dog Sitting. Here are some books you can read watching dogs.

Below are some books to help you get more tips and really are great for your life. If you read these you should be able to get higher tips and genuinely live a happier life

While as a dog sitter you most likely are not a certified veterinarian this book will help you look for if a dog you are watching is sick and minor things to do to help them. I am sure this is something a dog owner would very much appreciate from a sitter. If you are not looking to spend a ton this is also available for FREE as a kindle book.

Maybe old dogs can learn new tricks. It certainly doesn’t hurt trying and teaching a dog one is something you can charge for or something that will definitely elevate your tip.

This is a book I recommend to 100% of my friends in relationships and often to random strangers. If you could read one book on relationships this would be it. Used copies are as cheap as $3.99 and if you hate reading there is a FREE audiobook on youtube.

My ultimate recommendation for a book is the Bible. Even if you’re not a Christian you owe it to yourself to understand what’s going on with your soul. I found this version on Amazon for under $3 new and under $1 used. If you want a FREE bible click this link.

7. Dog Essentials

The majority of these will already be provided but it is always nice to have extras just in case a dog owner forgets to bring an item.

Dog Care

When a dog owner drops their pet off they should be including food, a bowl, needed medicine. But like I said above it is always good to have some extras around.

Dog Toys

These are cute toys dogs will love to play with and pet parents will just like to see you have.

Dog Walk Essentials

Here are a few Dog walking tools that will be super helpful. I especially love the silicone dog bowls which are easy to carry for quick drinks of water.

9. Flashlights

Flashlights should be useful for watching a dog you let out to use the restroom in the night. But for the most part, you will likely do most your walking during the day unless you have no fenced backyard.

This Flashlight is very well rated on Amazon and pretty affordable. If you lose flashlights a lot you might want to get this so its not a big deal if you lose it.

If you are looking for a super powerful Flashlight this is for you. While this Flashlight is a little more expensive it will probably be the last you will ever need to buy.

10. Personal Protection

I personally believe the gig economy is very safe but if you’re in a shady neighborhood you may feel safer caring some protection. I am a very strong supporter of the 2nd amendment and believe the only person that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy (or gal) with a gun. However, not everyone feels comfortable with a firearm so below are some products you can use for protection.

While you will have dogs with you having a secondary measure of defense is highly suggested by me. These non-lethal options of defense could also be helpful if someone attacks one of your dogs.

You never know who will be getting in your car so these tools can be helpful to put you at ease and defend yourself in case anything happens.

This list is from most affordable to most expensive however all are good.

First on the list is your typical mace spray. Mace is really no joke and will take down or at least stop a pretty big foe. However, there is not a ton of intimidation factor. The first product is very affordable (under $10) for you cheapasses (lol) and the second one is a little more expensive but a better brand (in my opinion).

Second is a little more expensive and it’s essentially mace but this Mace looks like a gun. The orange tip signals to law enforcement it’s not a real gun but most criminals most likely won’t be so in the know. Many times just pulling a gun is enough to intimidate would-be attackers to flee so the gun resemblance really adds to the defensive value.

My final suggestion might come as a shock to you (pun fully intended) but I can guarantee its steep price tag carries a lot of value. Pepper spray will hurt an attacker but if someone is trained and pretty big it might not take them down. With this taser, the biggest of guys are going down plus the gun resemblance really adds to the defensive value

11. Photography

A very big part of Rover is you updating pet owners of their animal’s status. This includes sending pictures or videos. So how do you get good ones? Well, the below gear can help with that a lot.

In addition, if you get very good at taking pictures you could make a side business out of taking pictures of the owner’s dogs and charging them for premium photos with a higher quality camera or letting them keep in touch with the Furbo camera for an extra $5-10 or something.

12. Rain Protection Gear / Umbrella

Having an Umbrella is always helpful in the Midwest. However, I lose umbrellas everytime I buy one so I also included a suggestion for you to buy a tile to attach to the umbrella.

Dry Wet Dogs With Ease

Dogs generally will try to dry themselves with a quick shake but that doesn’t get them truly dry and if you let them stay wet they will start to smell. Not good.

With these micro-fiber towels, you can quickly dry pooches after getting rained on during a walk. Customers will certainly appreciate their dog not being a wet smelly mess

13. Revenue Generation

One great thing about Rover is how close you will be getting with your clients. This gives you a great opportunity to make extra revenue by selling extra goods. Below are some apps you can do that with.

I personally believe you should treat the Pet Sitting revenue as a base and see how you can increase that through sales or tips. This is exactly why I made a section for WerkQuik called Additional Income Opportunities. Below are some items you can sell and apps you can use to sell.

Apps To Sell With

Cash App

Cash app is an app you can use to send and receive cash easily. This is super convenient for selling pet toys or any other side businesses you have with your Rover operation. The cash app is owned by Square so its backed by a pretty big company.


Venmo is a rival to Cash App and also allows you to send and receive money easily. Having both is important so you don’t sales of your goods. Venmo is owned by PayPal so another big company.

14. Tips

My day job is actually in sales and I can say you rarely get a sale you do not ask for. People don’t like spending money and it is much cheaper to give you a “compliment” in the app then actually tip you.

A tip jar is a subtle request for a tip and this tip jar is lit so it is easily visible. You could keep this at the front of your house in the same area where people pick up their dogs.