Roadie is an on-demand long distance delivery service. You need a couch shipped cross country? Forget your couch man! Actually, don’t because with Roadie someone will pick it up from your location and deliver it to whatever location you want. Roadie was founded in 2014 in Atlanta Georgia on the idea that millions of people are traveling every day with free space in their car. With Roadie that free space is to be utilized and delivery over long distances crowdsourced to reduce costs. Roadie makes their money by taking a percentage of each delivery.

As a Roadie driver, your job will be to deliver packages from point A to B. The difference between this and another company like Postmates/Grubhub or such is what you are delivering are often heavy objects or pets and typically long distances. In addition to driving goods, it becomes your job to load your delivery into and out of your vehicle.

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