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In our modern world staying in shape can be hard and pretty expensive. Working out takes 1-2 hours and a gym membership could be $10 – $50 per month. But what if you could work out and get paid for it? Well, you just may be able to.

A new trend in the gig economy is getting paid to charge electric scooters and one of the downsides to these scooters is their heavy weight and inconvenient shape. Sometimes getting a scooter in your car really sucks. But the silver lining is all that heavy lifting is a bit of a workout.

Charging Scooters & Shedding Pound

An October 2018 Wired article says Lime Scooters weigh about 40-45 lbs and to the chagrin of most Juicers (people that charge Lime Scooters) the scooters do not fold. So picking up something like these scooters is often a pretty hard and awkward process. In fact, due to the nature of the process, it is probably similar to doing a squat.

Calories Burned Doing Scooter Squats

Livestrong says you burn .096 calories for every pound you are lifting (this would be your weight + the scooter’s weight) minute 1 minute of squats you perform. 1 minute may be a pretty liberal estimate for how long it would take to get a scooter in your car. But if you can’t fit the scooter in you’d be surprised how long it could take.

So for myself I weigh about 178lb, am 6’1″ and am ruggedly handsome. (The last two facts have no relevance to this article but I just wanted any single women out there to know that ;D.) When Lifting the 45lb scooters I will burn approximately 21.408 calories

(178lbs + 45lbs)* 0.096 = 21.408 calories per minute

So 21 calories per minute is not super bad. If you are lifting scooters on and off your truck/vehicle for about half and hour out of an hour shift of doing Lime Scooter charging you should be burning enough calories to afford a Big Mac without gaining any weight. The only thing that would be weighing more after your charging session would be your wallet.

How much more would your wallet weigh? Well check out our Lime Scooter review to see about that for yourself.

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