Turo is a carsharing company founded in 2010 as RelayRides that changed its name in 2015 to its current name. Turo said in 2017 it has 4,000,000 users with 170,000 privately owned cars for rent. Turo makes their cash (money-money-money-moneyyyyyy) by facilitating the rental of the 170,000 privately owned cars for rent to the 4,000,000 users on its network. The owner of the cars rent their cars for money and Turo keeps a commission.

As a Turo Renter, you make your money renting out your car in a similar way that Airbnb & HomeAway users rent their properties. Your job will be to market your car and keep it maintained so the people that rent your car will be able to use it correctly. When renting your car remember you have no access to the car so this is really only for extra cars or someone that only uses their car on special occasions because most of their life is within walking distance.

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