VRBO is a Vacation Home Rental marketplace. VRBO boasts having over 2,000,000 homes for rent in over 190 countries. In addition, VRBO is owned by its former competitor HomeAway so a lot of this will look very familiar if you read that Review. VRBO makes their money by taking a percentage of the nightly rent produced by properties on their network. VRBO differentiates itself from Hotels because it believes every experience is unique due to the fact these are individual rooms being rented and not just hotel rooms. At the same time, Expedia now owns HomeAway & VRBO so they really kind of have both sides of the coin.

As a VRBO Vacation Home Renter, your main job will be to keep your vacation home in tip-top condition and your vacation home profile up to date. It will be your job as a VRBO Home Owner to market your property online so to make sure you take the correct photos and give the correct description. In addition, you will also be responsible for cleaning the house from previous renters. Minor messes and sheets needing to be changed with be expected. In regards to major messes, you obviously will have to clean those up too but will be able to charge an additional cleaning fee.ign-up bonus offers.

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